DW300 pump failures?


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Hey guys I got a dw300 pump from Nick at the end of April 2016 and installed then. Maybe 1k miles. Since getting it out of storage this April I've had a few random no start issues. (never had the laptop with me until today). So today I went for a ride and everything was spot on from the get go and throughout my half hour drive. So an hour later its time to pull her into the garage and no start... I still had the Laptop plugged in, so i hit monitor and f/p is at 13psi.. I cycled the key a few times and on the third or fourth try I had full pressure with key on engine off. I then started it and it ran like nothing was wrong. So basically should i be looking at the pump? Or should i start with wiring or something else? Any input is greatly appreciated... Thanks Mike


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My first suspect would be wires especially if the in-tank wires are stock originals.

I think the DW has an excellent warranty so you can always send it in for exchange, but the integrity of the wiring and grounding must be 100% no matter how good the pump is