****ATR 3" Crossflow Exhaust****


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Scored a complete ATR 3” SS Cross flow Exhaust system from the original owner who bought new back in the day from ATR. (Even have the original purchase invoice and instructions from 17 yrs Ago) Thanks Steve!

I had the entire system Polished… Before and after pics!!

Also told him to save the ATR Sticker on the muffler :)

The guy who did the polishing said he has not seen this quality of 304 stainless in a long, long time…


ATR Raw.jpg
ATR Polished.jpg


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Joe's car is so beautiful and clean (and FAST!) that it absolutely requires an exhaust like this.


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That's the first ATR crossflow I've seen. I have the RJC cross flow which is supposed to be very similar to, if not the same as the ATR.
Here's an old idle clip to you an idea: