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I have for sale a 1987 Buick Turbo T silver in color with T-tops and Black Trim Option Gray Inside.
The car was painted in '95 or '96 because of bad factory paint not because of accidents The paint is a 8.5 out of 10 maybe better put I'm picky. The bumper fillers are fiberglass. The bumpers also have the aluminum supports in them. The T-tops are tinted for comfort. I have a very nice set of original wheels or 6 Iroc wheels with two of them wearing drag radials. The glass is crystal clear no water spots, the best glass I have seen on one of these cars in a very long time and it's all original. The weather stripping is also original and in very nice shape.
The inside is very nice and clean. Original seats, dash, headliner, interior trim, carpet was replaced in '99 because of water stains. All the lights work on the tach. and boost gauges. Car has the high end Radio with Eq. Also on the inside it has a power logger,scan master, boost, water, oil, and air fuel gauges. Two sets of floor mats. The only thing wrong with the inside is the speaker grill has just cracked over the speaker like they do and the passenger side visor won't stay in place with the power this car has. The power Ant. motor works but the mast will not work.
The trunk is clean with the original mat, T-top bags, spare tire cover, and correct accesories.
Under the car:
It is clean with no rust Issues because the car was undercoated when it was new(Ihave the window sticker as proof). Even between the frame and the rockers along the bottom of the doors, they did not spray in between there and it's still not rusted like a lot of the cars and people don't notice this area because it is hard to see in there. The front sway bar is off the car but I do have it. It has a set of Southside lower control arms with two air bags and a set of Koni shocks on the front.
It is not the numbers matching motor. The original owner had problems with a shop in Wilson NC. He took the car in to have some heads and intake installed. Ever since, he had been having problems with the head gaskets leaking water. Long story short, after 3 times with the heads off and still with problems he brought the car to me. Upon taking the intake off I saw it had a blown head gasket, so after taking the heads off I found the problem. All the head bolt holes on one side had heli coils in them and the other side had a couple also. There were three or four that were sticking up higher than the block surface. So this is how I ended up with the car. I bought it and had a block that I put together for it. The build is as follows. cat stock stroke crank, .020 over JE pistons, stock reconditioned rods, DLS 218/218 hyd. roller cam with thrust kit, Comp. roller lifters, hardened push rods and Gn1 roller rockers, H/D timing cover , Champion Iron heads with their intake, ported dog house and 70mm t/body, RJC pulley kit, TE52 turbo, 50lb injectors, PTE front mount, BGC cold air intake, translator with MAF, stock replacement left side manifold, 3 inch ext. gate down pipe with a PTE waste gate, 3 inch BGC exhaust with flowmaster and a stock radiator. Trans. was rebuilt sometime ago not sure when. I think all that was really done to it was a harded stator and shift kit with the rebuild. It also has a 9.5 vigalantie lockup convertor.
Rear End:
Rear end has a stock posi unit and axles with larger wheel cyl. and aluminum drums.
With the power this car is making these would be the areas that I would upgrade if you are going to put slicks on it and race the car. I had it at the track one time tunning it and made five passes with it on the Iroc wheels and drag radials. The times were first to last 7.51, 7.21, 7.15, 7.09, 6.85@98.7 mph yes in the 1/8 mile. No I don't have 1/4 mile times or any dyno numbers.

This is a nice straight up clean car well worth more money, but in '99 we had a hurricane (Floyd) come through and dump over 36 inchs of rain. This car was at a shop getting the motor work done when it hit. The car was on the lift up in the air and the motor on the engine stand and was flooded. The car only got an inch of water in it. The only thing that the car needed was carpet and a bath. Of course the motor was pulled apart again and cleaned and checked(this is how the threads got damaged). The car was put back together and was considered flooded from then on. The car would be price higher if not for this.

Yes the car has 45k miles I have proper papers to prove it

yes the car was painted in '96
But has not been in any accidents

Yes the car has a flooded title
but the car still has the paint and interior from before the hurricane

Yes the car doesn't have the original motor
but it does have the numbers matching trans. and correct rear end

I have known the original owner since he bought the car new and now I'm the second owner. I have all the paper work from him and even the original title that I saved and got him to get a copy so I could use that to turn into DMV.

I have tried to cover everything on the car. You can see pics at the link and if you want to see something special let me know and I will try to get it for you.
I don't really want to trade unless it is something nice that I could sell to get my money and the trade price for my car will be higher than asking price.

Phone number before 10pm eastern
919-274-4336 leave a message if I don't pick up
You can also PM me

Price is 14500. cash

Pics of the car and I will be adding more
silver car pictures by 390106 - Photobucket

Please stick to the topic at hand and please don't make any negative comments.



For the people that will ask why I want to sell: Since I have sold my race car I wanted to build a BAD street car again and that was my plan. Since then I have bought a 20k mile gn from one of my customers and thought I was going to just flip it but after detailing it I have decide to keep it. So I thought I would keep the GN and sell this car and use the money to help build this other car and to have some money in the bank to buy a hoouse with. So there is the story I don't have to sell it but I would like to, to help other projects out some. Thanks for lookn


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I have seen the car!!!! It's outstanding!!!!!!!!!! inside and out. Someone will be getting a great deal and a great clean AZZ car.


ok been getting some trade offers
So tell me what you have and send pics and info on it and I will thank about it.
But please no junk may go up on my end on trade if it is really nice.
send info to
Guys you need to look at the link with pics this car is clean. It is what it is a very clean silver with black T for sale
tint the windows and put your choice of wheels on it and you have a bad ass ride
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