200-4r Questions/Help

Hey guys,

From everything I've read you guys seem to be the most knowledgeable folks when it comes to 200-4r's. I've recently picked up an '86 CZF and have a few questions with some issues I've encountered with it.

-The PO broke the shift shaft off externally near the base of the flats when removing the trans. To get it out I just have to remove the castle nut from the rooster comb and the nail and it should slide out of the case right? When I pulled the pan I noticed the nail head isn't flush with the case but actually more even with the pan rail. Is this normal or did the PO try to remove it and have no luck? The marks on the nail are from my vise grips and it wasn't budging but I didn't give it to much muscle since I figured I'd see if you guys have any tricks for me. I assume the shifter can be in any position but correct me if I'm wrong here and any advice is greatly appreciated. I have a spare core I can use for a new shaft but is there anyone remaking these so I can just pop this one out and put a new in or are they unavailable besides in cores?


-I cannot get the speedo bullet out either and marred the threads up pretty good trying to get it out knowing I am going to replace it with a billet aluminum one. Are there any tricks here or can heat be used? I don't need the gear inside so last resort was thinking of either welding something one to get a slide hammer on it or drilling into the bullet and tapping for the same reason. Any help here is appreciated as well.

-It came with a D5 converter with a CBBF and 8653400 on the sticker. Are all D5's created equal or is the later GN D5 better than the MCSS's as far as having a higher stall and beefier clutch?

-The VB has CZ4 on the side by the rooster comb but no pink/purple paint on it. Does this seem weird?

Thanks in advance!

Steve V

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Use heat on the speedo bullet, the shift shaft lever is not reproduced. Some 200-4r builders may have spares-I do not-position does not matter. Don't break the pin, that maybe a death sentence for that case.
Thanks for the reply Steve. Your YouTube videos were great btw and I’m sure I’ll be using them more once I actually get to rebuilding this thing. I gave the nail another go and unfortunately it sheared off right at the case line. We have a mill so I’m gonna try and drill it out and replace with a roll pin. What’s the overall length of the nail/pin? Or do you know how far it protrudes into the base beyond the bore for the shaft?
Well it barely fit but I got the broken pin and the bullet out of the CZF and also got the shaft out of my spare OG core so that is all squared away.

Any info on if the D5’s out of the turbo cars are different from the ones on the monte carlos’s specifically regarding the stall speed behind a V8 with ~400ft/lb of torque?