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    was offered a trade for a turbo buick

    so true, which makes this hard! Ive been getting mixed reviews everywhere- even the hotrod forum. and i hang around anyway- nice to be on a site where a 3.8 isnt hated on(just the car its in, in my case!). plus im still waiting for Ravens return...
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    was offered a trade for a turbo buick

    def not easy for me- was my first car(well, partial- paid half), and have had it or 8 years. As much as i love the subtlety of the GN, the 'Im here, the party may start' part of the chevelle is sweet. If only i could find an LC2 swapped classic for sale- best of both!
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    was offered a trade for a turbo buick

    Ive learned a bit about these through the years, but been out of the game sicne i went to college. GN got a recent paintjob(hence the missing badges). paint is good- no orange peel or runs. but i did find a couple small door dings(gotta love black). interior just replaced. I cant remember...
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    was offered a trade for a turbo buick

    ours isnt numbers matching- wasnt an original SS car. i know thats not a real X, first thing i looked for was the dash plate ;). he also hasnt gotten the SW gauges for it. selling to get something a little more 'driver friendly'. dads getting older, and wants a car he can really get in and...
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    was offered a trade for a turbo buick

    So a couple weeks ago was the adirondak nationals here in NY(big car show and cruise- picture a small mountain town jampacked with everything from a restored T to a opal GT with a 540) We met a couple of my dads friends up there- one of who is selling an 87 GN. we are in the process of...
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    It Was One of Those Days - Part 44

    ok, i cant edit my post but... in one of the earlier chapters, they mention Bill has a nasty charger...anyone else think that 68 might be his?
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    It Was One of Those Days - Part 44

    GAAAAH!!! WANT MORE!!! now!
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    It Was One of Those Days - Part 43

    I got some chills reading that! great job!
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    It Was One of Those Days - Part 42

    Still waiting here! been checking a lot...
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    Mustang owners are too dumb to know when they are had.

    nice kill! 2V's are slow as hell most of the time but since that makes ford guys stupid.... I had a GS try to keep up with the chevelle once, tried for 5 lights in a row. So i guess most buick guys are stupid:p
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    It Was One of Those Days - Part XXXIX

    I just realized why you are familiar sooner is better!
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    CruizinKev's 1979 Monte Carlo

    Kev! fancy seein you here! monte looks good, but i still think the Vortech should go on the stang ;) going with the vynal roof again?
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    10 Most & Least Ticketed Cars by COPS

    to be honest, Im kinda suprised neither Mustangs nor the F-body twins are on that list!
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    1987 Buick Grand National WE4 (Turbo 6.0)

    bump for a badass car! +1 for shots of exterior/interior. what kind of DD you looking for?
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    87 GN in Mass., 100k, upgrades - $10500 OBO

    Bump for a clean car! wish i could get it. want a mustang? its nice and practical! :p