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    What Defines a 4.1 Production Block

    my factory 85 ttype block is that way 20 bolt and has 3.8 and 4.1 on the back .. I was going to sonic test it but never got around to it
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    Go fast(er) parts FS.

    you still got balancer and flexplate ?
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    Texas GN Owners

    cool ... good to know where it went :biggrin:
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    stock throttle body complete needed

    I also have one or 2 laying around about to go on ebay along with loads of other parts throw me what you think ones worth
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    any of you still on here in jacksonville area ?

    wondering who is still on here in the jacksonville area since Im moving down there in december my ttype is all apart but I'll be sporting my Lc2 powered elcamino I'll be in town a few times before moving there and always go hang out at the car hangouts when there on sat nights I have...
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    intake manifold alignment

    the block was decked , heads were milled and had single steel shim gaskets on it ... the intake was milled to fit that combo might just have to run 2 gaskets on each side to get it to line up with fel-pro's
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    Pump Gas dyno results

    we tried alky and or higher boost but ignition started skipping out so that was best we could do I believe the car would have done better even as is since even without the alky or higher boost the ignition would start to missfire at 6000 rpm there is 0 knock retard at the level it is now...
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    86 T-Type roller

    give me a ring after hours friday .. :eek:
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    Parts list to do a 4L80E swap?

    last 2 runs I did on it today it was hitting the 6800 rpm rev limiter before going to 2nd and going to 3rd no need to turn the power up tranny says hell no guess were stuck with 16 degrees timing and 17# boost for now ... :cool: mota runs good :D lil stock stroke 109 block putting the...
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    Parts list to do a 4L80E swap?

    its on its way .. its still holding but since its acting just like the last one that I put behind a healthy 109 eng. its not gonna hang for long even on pump gas ... then again I think we will see 130+ mph runs on pump gas with a lil alky :biggrin: whatta turd :p
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    Who sells

    de n ma y be u sh ou ld j uz cal l su m 1 i nst ea d :p
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    Who sells

    do I gotta type it slower so you'll understand :p :o
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    Stage II Header Flanges

    If you have more than one set of flanges send me a pic too If not I'd like to see a pic of tweaked headers thanks , RED
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    Who sells