any of you still on here in jacksonville area ?


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wondering who is still on here in the jacksonville area since Im moving down there in december

my ttype is all apart but I'll be sporting my Lc2 powered elcamino

I'll be in town a few times before moving there and always go hang out at the car hangouts when there on sat nights

I have met 2 guys that regular the hangouts there in turbo buicks but looking to meet alot more

I'll also be bringing a customers car with me to build (stg2) so there will be plenty of buick wrenching going on once I get settled in

I hope to open a shop of my own once I get comfy there ...

Kendell you still around ??

anyone else ??

any links to local car forums for the area would be nice too :cool:


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Last time I was there ~4 years ago there were. Good luck with your move. Jacksonville is a 4.5-5 hour drive for me, but if I ever decided to have someone work on it you'd be close enough ;)


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There is still a couple of Buick guys down here..I meet you at Target a few months back..Drop me a PM when you get settled in..Good luck with your move.


I'm in Jacksonville on the Westside. It'd be great to have TurboBuick shop locally. We have KDK in Orlando, great shop, great guys know there stuff but still 2 hours away.


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45 mins north from JAX

Hey good to hear there will be someone around thats close to work on GN's only one is Orlando a little far for me well good luck with your move .:D


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J'ville Here!

I'm in J'ville. My GN has been in the garage for the past two years! I need work. Mostly cosmetic. I just don't have the time to work on it. Lawn care and the Navy keeps me tied up. Looking forward to hearing from you guys...


I'm still kickin as well. I haven't been on this board in awhile. I am embarrassed to drive my GN. The rear bumper fillers are starting to fall off the car while driving. I feel that I have reached a certain "downtown" look that I don't want to give off if you know what I mean. I know I won't get anything but the factory $$$ ones for it. But that will be awhile before that happens.


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I just got a set of fiberglass bumper fillers from the GSCA club & am painting them.
Working 10 to 12 hours a day leaves little time.