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    Did MBM ever get their new Powermaster system into production? John
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    Kirban upgraded H4 headlights (4) kit w/harness

    I put the kit on my GN and really like it. The headlights are much brighter than the old H1's and it wasn't too hard to do. Took me about 3 hours and I even had to run to the auto parts store for new positive battery terminal nut with an extra connection. John
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    5.3 GM Valve noise

    Before you pull anything from the engine check your belt tensioner. If the belt gets loose or the wrong belt was installed the tensioner can bounce and it will sound exactly like a lifter ticking. I've seen this 3 or 4 times now on Chevy's and Fords. If you have to, go ahead and remove the belt...
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    Best Spark Plugs

    NGK UR5's working great in my GN. Gapped at .030 with livewires. John
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    New Headlight Harness

    Don't know about a complete new harness, but the new kit uses a relay to power the headlights. The old wiring only carries the signal from the switch to turn on the relay, so the load on the switch is removed. I put one on my GN with the H4 headlamps and the lighting improved considerably. Not...
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    Powermaster System

    Am having trouble with my powermaster. Didn't someone start making a new version of this system and is it still available? Thanks. John
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    Travel Trailers

    We are looking to buy a 25-28' tongue pull travel trailer. After looking at reviews on 20 different brands (including Airstreams) I have come to the conclusion that there is nothing out there worth buying. Anyone have any input? Thanks. John
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    Ford 3.8 based on Buick 3.8....

    Part of the reason I got rid of my Dakota was the mileage. You'd think a computer controlled, fuel injected 287 engine would have gotten better mileage than 16 mpg. Crap, my '65 GMC with a 283 got better than that. Dodge cheaped out by using old style copper core plugs that had to be...
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    Ford 3.8 based on Buick 3.8....

    Yea, I tried for a year to find another low mileage Ranger with the OHV engine and couldn't. Test drove the OHC but never liked it. I ended up buying a new 2003 Dakota with the 4.7 V-8, BIG MISTAKE. Constantly had to fix nit picky problems. By the time it was 3 years old I had replaced every...
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    Ford 3.8 based on Buick 3.8....

    Earl, I had a '92 Ranger with the 4.0 Austrian pushrod engine if that's the one you're talking about, It was a stout little engine. Ran very well and surprised a lot of people off the line. Put 200,000 miles on it before I traded it off. Loved that little truck. John
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    Who got the OPG catalog?

    Just got mine today. Looked thru it earlier. John
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    TurboDave has Passed Away

    RIP Dave, I never knew you but read a lot of your posts. Our prayers go out to your family. John
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    What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

    After owning the '86 T for 9 years, I had a chance to buy my '87 GN from a friend in our car club (for a ridiculously low price). It was very nice and did not have the dealer installed Astro Roof that my T had. Since I liked the hardtop better, I sold the T and bought the GN. It is getting some...
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    Thanks so much. I will be in contact after the first of the year. John
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    What Inspired You to Buy Your Turbo Buick ??

    I drove the T-Type that I saw advertised for sale. Had to have it. My wife likes the GN better, says it looks cooler. John