Will bad 0 ring on input shaft not allow converter to lock?

I bought a PTS 9/11 years ago from a member less than 500miles after i installed it i never could get it to lock. so i drove it a few years like that. Later on when i removed it i noticed the 0 ring had a little shaved of piece .I figured when i installed the convertor it must of damaged the 0 ring. Would that cause it not to lock? thanks


Staff member
for lockup you dont need the check valve in tip but you do need the oring on the tip , but if it leaks it will cause it to engage so you need to look elsewhere for the no lock issue, try a new locukup solenoid , check the fuse or brake switch
The transmission was working fine lock up was working also. All i did was swap the convertor. So i guess the lock up in the work convertor is bad. I was hoping a bad 0 ring would keep it from locking.