Whats the most boneheaded car thing youve ever done?


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Wow, I was reading that, and thought I heard it somewhere before...lol

Ive done some stupid things, I mean, when your early source of car knowledge consists of parents that go 12k on an oil change, I was bound to make some mistakes.

Biggest dumb move..... driving my T year round, even through the upstate NY winters. You can imagine why.....

After I put a dual exhaust on my Electra, I managed to run through some construction on the way home from work. The pavement was torn up just enough to grab one of my flanges and yank one pipe right out from under the car. Of course, being an Electra, the pipe was about 2 miles long and ended up across the road in front of traffic. So I go to pick it up and get it out of the way.... burning the #%@^ out of my hand in the process.

Of course, then theres my friend, who swapped a floor shift into a column shift car, and never bothering to put in a neutral safety switch. First time, I was there, and it ended up into the toolbox at the front of the garage . Second time, I heard about it, and it went backwards right through the garage door.

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Originally posted by ttypewe4jim
thanks for making me cover my desk and computer's with soda :p
That story always gets someone to blow soda all over their monitor. :p :D

If that car was still around....the stories it could tell....I could write a book! :)


When I had my 81 E Camino I once forgot to put the plug back in the oil pan and proceded to dump 5 quarts of valvoline onto my garage floor. I was 17 at the time. Around the same point in my life I woke up late for school and ran out to the driveway to jump in the camino and its got a flat. So Im starting to panic because I was kind of on a last chance program for unexcused lateness. So I run over to the garage, wheel out my 1998 Yamaha YZ250 dirtbike, fired it up and rode it 13 miles to school and just threw it in the back of my buddies pick up. I didnt ride it home.


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LOL.... This one is easy

Buying a Turbo Regal.
Worse than crack Cocaine
What an Addiction!!!!

And a Money pit to boot!



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I also did this once, don't laugh Chris (CK)

I put the drivetrain and planets from a 3254L in a 2004r and had 4 speeds of reverse and 1 speed forward.
That was mighty interesting to say the least not to mention shocking on the test drive. :D
Depending on charecter of person this could be a good thing or a bad thing.LOL:D



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Originally posted by Black Box
My best one was when I broke the throttle cable in my '77 Camaro when I tried to romp on it while doing some "test & tune" in a local industrial park with my friend Tom, and the cable snapped. We could have used a shoelace to tie the accelerator pedal to the carb linkage, but we were both wearing those fashionable (at the time) velcro-tie sneakers. The only thing we could do was leave the hood up, have Tom sit on the fender and work the throttle, while I stuck my head out the window to see, and steer and work the brakes. Man, did we get a lot of strange looks from other drivers!

I actually made it into Car Craft's "Stupid Gearhead Stories" (Sept '03, page 38, "The Human Throttle") with that story. I was kinda proud of that....I always wanted to get my car in Car Craft, and that's the closest I've gotten (so far).



You cracked me up man, I repeated this one to the guys I work with even second hand it generated lots laughs...

This one will definately live on, thanks :)


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I'll tell you the most boneheaded thing someone else did with a car....give me the keys! But seriously, I was out goofing around in my friend's field (aka turning doughnuts) with about what had to be 500 pounds of assorted crap in the back, with a peg leg. What happened as a result you can imagine.


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I'll tell you the most boneheaded thing someone else did with a car....give me the keys!

Oh man that's funny I thought I was the only one.


I tried to race some guy and didn't see the cop right behind me. Took off real hard, told the cop I was testing an aftermarket module. Let me off and told me not to test it on his road anymore.


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When I was 17 I saved up mony and had a '87 Porsche 924S (944 motor) and found out that it was great at pushing shopping carts up to 60mph. I would slam on the brakes and let them fly into brick walls, curbs, etc. Never did damage to anything but the carts. Anyway, I was in a parking lot with a couple of buddies and had a friend get out to go retrieve a cart that was to the right of the car. After he got out he saw a cart behind the car that was closer. I didn't notice. I thought it would be fun to hammer it in reverse and spin around. Well, I hit my friend. He went flying back and miraculously landed on his feet. He was ok because the big foamy 944 spoiler cushioned him. I freaked and jumped out of the car and was extremely releived to see him standing. We still managed to TP a house that night.

When I had my 81 E Camino I once forgot to put the plug back in the oil pan and proceded to dump 5 quarts of valvoline onto my garage floor.
I also did that once, but I was "distracted" ;) by my girlfriend (now my wife) in the middle of the process.


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attempt to drive my car home in the snow with nittos. also, a long time ago after replacing my turbo{1st time} insstalled maf sensor backwards.took me a whole freakin day to figure out.:mad: :D


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years ago while changing my front disk braks on my everyday driver.. while talking to friends.. I actually put the pad on backwards.. I mean, the friction material OUT to the pistons and th einside of the pad (metal) to the rotor surface! LOL . They went on fine too., I test drove it and wondered why they were making such a racket. I figured that they had to be broken in so I did just that! LOL . It got louder.. Imagine my face when I pulled the wheels! Needles to say i needed now pads AND rotors now lol


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I use to own a Stang which was the only car I owned and we lived in the country so it traveled on dirt roads and pastures and ?? on a daily basis. It ran low 11's on a 200hp shot of N2O and one day I decided to go racing. I do my burnout and a quick dry hop w/o the N2O. I back up from the starting line and activate the N2O and do another dry hop with the N2O to purge the lines. Well I did the dry hop with the N2O in REVERSE! Talk about whiplash!! DAMN! About 10 lbs of mud fell out from under the car and I could see in my mirror 4 crew men grab brooms and start sweeping...
Nobody has ever let me forget that moment..:D:D My neck still hurts thinking about it..LOL..


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This is one that my best friend did:

He (Jesse) has always built Dodge/Mopar rigs - loves the old Darts. Anyway, he had this 440 he had been building for years and finally got his dual Nitrous setup for it (it had dual quads with a sheetmetal intake) and I helped him install it all.

We had been out in front of his dad's house in Mesa for about four hours installing it all - we had removed the hood and done a few other things as well. Time came to fire it up - now let me set the scene for you-

This is a red 70's satellite that is tubbed with big meats out back and the skinnies up front. It has a fully decked out 440 - full roller, dual 4" exhaust, dual quads, yadda yadda... now it has one of those scoops on top of the carbs with the three flaps - you know, the wanna be blower style :cool: . We are in a fairly quiet cul-de-sac in a mediocre neighborhood - not far at all from the main roads and commercial area (a block and a half at most)

So we have this car fired back up, it's a rumbling - sounds great. It is LOUD - you can't hear anything inside the car. Jesse is in the driver's seat and I am in the passenger and he burps it a couple of times - no problem and he arms the nitrous... burps it once and the second time it sticks at WOT - pegs the tach.

I see him stomping the throttle and nothing so he turns off the key and BOOM!!!

The boom was so loud, I blacked out for a second and came to and couldn't hear anything except a piercing ring. Now, I can look straight through to the motor being the hood is off - the entire manifold and carbs are GONE!! We both look at it and step out of the car... we look at each other then at the motor... not saying a word. The ring in my ears starts to lessen a little, and then we hear the tink tink of metal, then WHAM! right in to the roof the intake assembly lands - scared the $hit out of both of us... It's funny, it all seemed to happen in slow motion, kind of surreal. But I guess it was about 20 seconds between the boom and the landing... that's a damn long time for something to be airborne.

We found the scoop and all the flaps were folded in half over the bar that they attach to. The studs that mount the intake had just sheared right off. The flowmasters were balooned out.

It took all of 2 minutes before the cops were swarming - they brought out the bomb squad and everything. They had a hard time believing that that was what had happened.

I don't know what all he ended up reusing - but he had it going a couple of days later.

I still raz him about that to this day:D


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ok I'll set the stage. 4, 17-18 year old kids (that know everthing) my dads 1978 4X4 crew cab dully, & 5 junk cars that needed to go to the dump. & NO trailer!
well it was only 2 miles to the dump & 1 1/2 of it was a dirt road, so we decieded to just drag them to the dump. missing wheels, no rearends, one on it's roof. the int. scout had no axles no nothing so we just drug it down the road, & boy when it hit the paved road did it through the sparks! the next one was a imperial with 2 missing wheels (on the same side) the damn thing kept sliding of the road & taking out mail boxes. when we got to the dump we stopped it on the side of the entrance road & I wanted to do what they do in the movies & drive by it & take the door off. TRUST ME it don't work that way in real life. I got a running head start & I hit the door @ about 45mph, the door peeled back hit the front fender then sprung back only to destroy the fender flair on the truck. woops that idea didn't work. so on to the next car a datsun f 10 wagon on its roof. now remember the last car took out about 6 mail boxes, well we were having to much fun , we were going about 50mph down a curvy dirt road towing a car on its roof when all of a sudden we came up over a hill & a county sherriff coming @ us! (woops) needless to say I got a ticket because it was my truck, & the owner of the cars got a ticket. & we all had to buy the mail boxes. to this day my dad dosent know the truth & it's going to stay that way!:D


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I have to tell yall this story However, I'll pay for the consequences later two years ago my washing machine broke after 12 years so I purchased a new large front loader from lowes . Instead of having lowes to come out and set it up I knew I could get my husband and his friend to set it up in our new laundry room. well his friend said this won't take long how hard is it to set up this washer. In the mean time I'M holding the directions and mentioned "why don't we just read the directions since it's a different washer from the last one." and of course my husband says we don't need directions so while they set up the washer machine I went up stairs to get the dirty clothes to wash.15 mins later they said it was ready,me being a women I was all excited and could'nt wait to use it. After the washer filled with water and it was getting ready to spin the washer was making a loud bang so I yell to my husband and he and his friend looked at it but could'nt find anything wrong so they were determined there was something mechanically wrong, so I called lowes and the parts guy was off so I threw my temper tantrom after spending $1200 on this machine and having wet clothes that could'nt spin out and the door would not unlock as long as the machine was in cycle even after trying to shut it down so I was getting even madder. the lowes manager was telling me over the phone what to do to get the machine to shut down and nothing worked, my husband and his friend was just gripping how they need to get someone out here and replace the thing because it was mechanically wrong and that everything was properly hooked up, of course my husband was upset at this point when the manager said no one could come out untill monday. (this was saturday) so after I was very upset and getting off the phone with lowes I read the directions just to make sure something was not missed.I noticed the spin cycle locks were not removed from the back of the washer so I took pliers and broke the lock pins and started the washer and WHAT A SURPRISE to see the washer spin and drain the tank so I went out into the garage and said to my husband and his friend "you know the washer machine would spin so much better when you remove the lock pins on the back of the washer of the spinning barrell" . they both looked at each other and could not find the words to use for there dumb ass mistake. that settled my anger, so instead of telling lowes what really happend and literally embarressing them both I had lowes replace the washer just incase something else would break from there dumb ass mistake.

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here is another one. when putting my hybrid together every thing was replace I mean every thing. I did a front disc brake conv., well I went to MP power brakes for the conversion, every thing was going fine a friend took care of the rotor & caliper install while I did the rears. when it came time to blead the brakes we couldn't get a good pedal, we decieded the master cly. was bad we took it back & again, no pedal. to make a long story short after 3 master cyl. 5 1/2 qts of brake fluid & 80+ lbs of speedy dry, & 3 nights after work,I noticed the calipers were on up side down.:mad:
bone head

:rolleyes: Teaching my the 8 year old son how to change oil. He asked me while I was re-filing "Is it supposed to run all over the driveway like that...?" The only time I ever left the drain plug off. Twenty years later I still get reminded of that mistake. :D