Used seat covers 85-87 GN


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Anybody have any used seat covers they saved? Could be one part or a whole set, doesn't need to be perfect, just decent. Rebuilding a 70k mile solid rust free car but the seats were pulled out and not stored properly so the covers are completely smoked. Car is not going for perfection, just a driver. My passenger side is probably ok but interested in what you might have available. Thanks, Jeremy

78 regal

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have a passenger seat IMG_3300.JPG IMG_3301.JPG IMG_3302.JPG

Hunter Dog

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I have some sections for the front seats we removed before installing new..some pieces larger than others, most are the grey, some are black. $50 plus shipping for the batch.


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I've got a seat cover or partial one in my garage. Will fetch it today and take some pictures this weekend if you haven't found anything yet.


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Found it. It's the black pallex portion of the bottom cushion of the back seat. Don't know if you could use any pieces of it.