Two used 87' GN Wheel Center Caps!


Lemur with a long Femur
Hey everyone, I have two GN center caps I replaced with new recently for sale. They are NOT perfect, and the previous owner put two small sheet metal screws in one of them to hold the metal backing in place. The screws are hardly noticeable once the caps are installed, and they do hold everything in place.. *Everyone* knows a wood or drywall screw would have been better!! :rolleyes:

Anyway, they have little scratches and the clearcoat has worn in a couple of spots from UV exposure, but they are fine for an otherwise not pristine, or perfect trailer queen car. I put very bright light on the 3rd pic so they actually look more scratched than once on the car. NOS they are not, but they ARE $40 shipped in Conus. I take Paypal.

Pics below.