Turbo Toyota?

Hey guys, so I have a 1979 toyota pickup wheeler that I swapped a mildly built n/a 3.8 into. The engine came from a 1979 regal and is bored .030 over has a Holley street dominator intake manifold, crane cam and some tubular headers. I recently picked up everything from a 1985 grand national for $400: Intake, exhaust,headers,turbo,ecm,full wiring harness, all the accessory brackets,maf's etc. The problem I'm running into is fuel and spark management. the current engine has a Hei distributor already and a Dui rev limiter, what do you guys recommend I do? Try and get the stock ecm to work or go with something else? Maybe convert what I have to the stock coil pack system? looking for any and all suggestions. I do not plan to run more than 10psi, more in the 5-8range. Thanks