True Story Bro


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For awhile now I have had an alcohol injection kit for my Buick sitting around. I've tried several times to install it per the instructions and something has gone wrong each time. Well, today I finally got it to work properly (though NOT via the instructions) and I was very happy. The boys friend Josh was over and he was just sitting around waiting for them to come out so I decided to show him while he waited.

Me: Josh, you see that container and that tube going into the up pipe for the engine?
Josh: yeah.
Me: Well, that is alcohol injection for the car. It sprays alcohol directly into the pipe and helps cool the air. And today I FINALLY got it working right! Fist bump!!
*we fist bump*
Josh: Well...if you ever need some more alcohol to put into it, my Mom has LOTS......


Is that a Monte Carlo?

Real question.... is the kids booze-hound mom hot??o_O