TCC lock up question, no time to do a search.


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I'm needing to know what wires from the 4 wire plug that goes into the ds of the tranny that controls TCC lock up... what wires do I need to tap into? I'm going to run an old school switch up to my console with a flip switch to lock up the converter. I'm having a hell of a time getting the FAST sportsman to control the TCC function. I also remember that there were two pins on the ALDL plug that I could jump that would lock the converter once it hit second gear. Until I get the money to buy the B&M stand alone system that uses speed and something else to determine lock up time... the switch will have to suffice. I'd rather have the FAST do it, but no luck there. TIA


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F (tcc control) and A (ground) port on the aldl under radio right (A) and top left (F) port ..connect them and it will enable tcc


Signal 1 J-12
Joe, who sold you the FAST?
I'd suggest asking them to help w/ the issue.
Cal told me that the Caspers interface harness needs to be modified for the TCC to function. The FAST sportsman doesn't have great TCC support that doesn't reference MPH.... apparently the 2.0 does. Anyhow, it's easier for me to hook up a switch or use a stand alone TCC control that references speed for luck up.