T&D 1.60 roller rockers, Holley valve covers & spacers


Fixer of crap..
I am selling a set of T&D 1.60 roller rockers for iron heads. They don't line up right on GN1 heads because the valves are spaced farther apart. Some people say it can be made to work, but I'm not going to try. I'm just selling these to get the right set. Supposedly there needs to be some machining (grinding) done on the shaft pedestals for clearance on these, but I'm not positive about that.

Rockers, spacers, and Holley aluminum valve covers. $500 shipped and insured. Spacers are required to raise the valve covers a bit because of the larger rockers.


Trade these + $$ for the right set of rockers (1.65) that wold fit GN1 heads.


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