Specs for valves in Champion GN1 aluminum heads?


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Did you call them?
S.I. makes a lot of valves, as does Manley and my favorite, Ferrea will and has made me whatever I ask for. These companies also have non catalogued stuff for sale. They will do custom sizes, underhead shapes and angles, front and back cuts, swirl polishing, and more.


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1.94 intakes and 1.60 exhaust. Not sure who made them for Champion GN1 heads but you should be able to find that size in Ferrea or Manley. I think the stems are .3415 in.

Chuck Leeper

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I had issues with the valves that came with mine tuliping .
Was supposedly caused by excessive spring psi and egt. 140 seat, 1500-1600* egt.
After a rebuild, it was Ferrea valves, new seats, as the originals were loose.
Guides were gone. A couple were loose. All within <1000 mi on the street.
My machinist guy was aware of "issues" with the head design.
Champion said head stud torque was causing the columns to shift, distorting the chamber.
AIRC, Canfield was making the castings, and reportedly had mold changes that needed to be made to help with the column issues. Not known if that was ever done.
Stage 2 application.