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Hey everyone,
I am in the process of getting an 86 GN :) and I am wondering if any of you have ever had a vehicle shipped or shipped a vehicle with either good or bad results. The car would be coming from South Dakota to my place here in Southern California so its going to cost me a little bit of money and I just want to make sure I am getting my money's worth on this transaction?

Anyone know any trustworthy guys? The only broker I have spoken to is Mercury Auto Transport. They seemed okay and knowledgeable, but then again, I'm sure any business could do that.



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It all depends if you and the car are on normal routes. I live in El Paso and I bought my car out of Little rock. You would think that living off I-10 I would be on a good route but I never got a driver! So after 2 months, I gave up. I ended up flying there and driving it back. It was actuall y way cheaper than what I was quoted!


It seems this is an absolutely ruthless market. I filled out one quote form and within literally seconds, I had one phone call and 11 voicemails backed up on my phone from companies. My inbox promptly filled up and every company seems to think the other are crooks. Aside from that, they all have terrible reviews and standings with the BBB. This is a little more difficult than I imagined it would be,


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Honeybee auto transport out of So. Cal.. brought my 3 cars home to MI... no problems and great price.


I have a childhood friend who started her own business she's great cheapest on the market. Shoot me a PM if interested


I had my car shipped up last year from FL to NJ. Many of these companies out there brokers - as you've seen. You contact one place, and they basically blast your info all over resulting in phone calls, follow ups that will come for weeks, and prices that will range from $400 to $4000 (maybe a bit facetious, but you get the idea).

I believe Reliable is who Mecum uses. They were great to deal with, but a bit pricey for me at the time. I ended up using Montway. They were easy to work with, didn't give my info out, and provided me with a couple of different quotes. Once I agreed, they gave me the actual driver and his cell phone so that I could contact him at any time. Everything went fine. Delivered a few hours early. Since then, my neighbor has used them to ship 2 cars with no issues

A few things to consider (no disrespect to any shippers here, or those that know people who ship).

You can have open transport, or enclosed. Inside costs more.
You can be top rack or bottom rack. Problem with bottom rack is that "IF" someones car is leaking above you, like break fluid, kiss your paint goodbye. Problem with top rack - if you are not in an enclosed trailer, you car can be subject to road debris. I specifically requested top rack and being the second car from the front. This way the first car took the brunt of the road debris. The cars in the back of the transport will get blow-back from the trailer.
Ask the driver to strap the car down, not chains. With chains, they will crank them tight as hell to compress suspension and give them every bit of room possible. The chains are also hooked into your frame, and over a 1000+ miles, they'll kind of "round out" the holes. Maybe not a big deal...
Pictures. Lots and lots of pictures before it ships. Get a picture of the car from every angle. Inside, too (especially if its clean). And the odometer. You don't want your car showing up a week later with an extra 5, 10, 50 miles on it.
Ask the shipper to be careful of the front end clearance. Depending on the angle, they may need to do something as simple as putting a piece of 2X4 at the edge of the ramps.

I think that's about it!


Pliskin1 has a lot of your bases covered! If you are worried about fluids and being enclosed with other vehicles, there are numerous little guys like myself out there with just single or double car enclosed haulers, we are geared towards your prized possession and not just volume shipping. If I wasn't north of the border I would love to help a member out in getting their GN moved safely. I'd suggest you keep up your hunt, find an independent trusted company that YOU can trust, that others with similar vehicles have trusted and you will be much happier. Don't be afraid to ask for pictures, maybe a few references for recent hauls and always double check insurance! You will be very surprised that some guys turn into ghosts when insurance is requested, they are not properly covered in the event something happens, always ask. I've seen some people cut some corners, go open not enclosed and regret it with random storms/road debris, have cars taken off trailers and taken for a joy-ride around parking lots, all stuff that would give us a heart attack, happens all the time with companies who just don't care or get brokered into the transaction and don't think they are liable.

Cold motor, very expensive, very rare vehicle, very upset owner. Unloaded his whole trailer to drive this thing!


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I've used a lot of different carriers. Avoid anyone and anything affiliated with uship...they're all brokers.

Placement on the carrier is a concern. Leaking cars above are how I came to acquire my tan Limited. :cool:

The best I've come across by far is Thomas Sunday. They're all enclosed , and their prices are comparable to other enclosed shippers. And if your car is worth 1/4 as much as anything else in the trailer, I'd be shocked.


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there are numerous little guys like myself out there with just single or double car enclosed haulers, we are geared towards your prized possession and not just volume shipping. If I wasn't north of the border I would love to help a member out in getting their GN moved safely.QUOTE]

What part of Canada are you in? There are times I could use someone to move cars between my houses.


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For some reason I am not getting thing I do provide is personal contact. via e-mails and texts...even provide pictures of the transport. I have an open 18' trailer at this time but have access to a 24' enclosed. As Chairman of the Buick Performance Group and represent them in all my endeavors I have a reputation to uphold . You can check out reviews from people I have shipped cars and part for on face book.


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Intercity Lines is another fairly reputable one I think. He's active on 6speedonline. Choices are covered and uncovered. Might have forum member discount still.

Also, I've used DAS Global with a fair amount of success (only damage ever was a broken bumper cover on my Silverado). I've shipped 5 cars with them (and 3 of them to/ from Honolulu) and my GN has been moved with them twice... flawlessly :)

I also used Stateway Auto Transport between PHL and PHX and it was a crapshoot... no damage, but it took well over two months to get it out there.

Stick with an actual carrier rather than a broker. Brokers can promise rates but never really lock it in since the carriers determine what they'll haul it for. For your distance, it could be about 1000-1500 to move it, uncovered. I paid BOS to PHX for $1500 and PHL to PHX for $1150 (after complaining and bargaining it down $150 due to delays). PHX to HNL was $1700 in a combination of truck/ boat. These rates are from last year.


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I used Affordable Auto transport to ship my car from Missouri to North Carolina. It was $1100 open trailer and $1500 closed. I went closed, they used two guys out of Florida with an F350, car made it safe and sound.