Sending Unit & Pump, Chrome Valve covers & Misc.


1. Working Walbro pump with like new sending unit and the three hard lines attached. New rubber hoses attached also.
220 shipped
2. Chrome Buick Motorsports valve covers with breather.
220 shipped
3. Chrome up pipes
40 shipped each
4. China waste gates
25 shipped each
5. Nice condition transmission pan for the Buick
180 shipped

C1833E92-E600-4B96-8475-08410C56FD0D.jpeg B0F08B73-BEFA-46BD-80FE-3B46C7576BE6.jpeg 966E7B22-6613-41DC-972C-8D2A1F7D4DFB.jpeg 779E1379-824A-46A3-874B-31AD5893655F.jpeg AC7C1A20-97E8-4CCB-B976-6280602EF44C.jpeg 69CE499D-8471-4DA6-B39E-579FCA0A06AE.jpeg 088DF568-2864-4A9E-8A0F-393CAE2D91D7.jpeg D110CC62-8B2F-4EC1-9D5B-AB84835437D1.jpeg F35128CD-2CEA-4B35-B3C6-F853D0BF92C7.jpeg