NEW TA Alum V-6 Block For Sale!

I am selling a BRAND NEW TA Performance Aluminum V-6 block!

It is an OFF-Center version with a rough bore of approx 3.88 to 3.89 (checked with calipers to give rough idea) and has the dipstick tube provision (perfect stock block upgrade!). It's the same as what you would get ordering one from TA, and is brand new, never had a thing done to it (sweeeet!!!).

I can deliver it to the GSCA Nat's, BPG, Chicagoland, and Cecil Co. Buick events at no charge. You can also come here (44201 OH) to pick it up. Will also meet someone within 75 miles of 44201 zip code.

Price NEW from TA is basically $4000 + shipping (and tax if in AZ)

My price is $3600 cash or Postal Money Order (sorry can't accept cc's on this). So if picking up at the Nats, you have the potential to save $500+ on the deal (counting shipping saved)! Please E-MAIL ME DIRECTLY on this, do NOT call to get info/details etc, I will help what I can to work it out & save you money.

Also, the buyer will have the option to get a set of the matching HRpartsNstuff motor mounts for it at $50 off (our new lower price) to help out some more!

I REALLY wish I could keep it & build it, but right now I am expanding the business & REALLY need the money much more than the block. It's been torture since I got it, since I would LOVE to run one of these! Just bad timing right now with the biz growing. I have a good feeling that next year will be my time to play a little
...And it will DEFINITELY be a BUICK!

Here is the "general" info from the TA Perf website on their blocks:

TA Performance, again has gone were no other Buick parts vendor has gone before... The first ever aftermarket Buick cylinder block! Designed specifically for the performance minded Turbo 6 enthusiast, this block offers the strength and options that previous blocks did not provide. The TA block incorporates superior rigidity and similar cubic inch potential to the Stage 2 iron blocks with out alienating the street and strip individual. This block incorporates all the necessary features to be used as are placement block for a daily driver all the way to a 2000 HP full race application, and everywhere in between!

• Six bolt mains, 4 vertical, 2 horizontal (front cap has 2 vertical, 2 horizontal)
• Dual bell housing bolt pattern to fit Chevrolet and B.O.P. type transmissions
• Improved oil passages and grooved main journals for maximum oil delivery
• Thick steel sleeves for strength and overbore options up to 4.000”
• 14 bolt “dry” head pattern allows use of 8 bolt or 14 bolt heads with no additional preparation
• Works with 3.400” (stock) or 3.625” stroke crankshafts
• Dry sump oil feed and return provisions front and rear
• Turbo oil feed and return provisions
• Additional coolant feeds at the front
• Cross braced lifter valley and reinforced lifter bores
• Manual transmission linkage provision - Oil gauge boss
• Knock sensor provision
• Coolant drain bosses
• Steel Billet Main caps included
• 9.540” Deck Height
Paul Ferry
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