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1986 Buick GX1

GX1 #001 [The One and Only]
Congratulations on your project car!! I say I his only because we don’t ever seem to be “done” with modifying or just cleaning, although it looks like you’ve got a head start on most of us.
Welcome to the best site ever!
You will cherish the long hours you will spend with your car diagnosing, repairing, maintaining and upgrading her. Oops, it’s a him because it’s got BALLS. Lol

Buckshot G/N

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Welcome, you' are now officially weird, and that's a good thing. That car will make you do things you less expected, Congratulations.

Looks as if the GN was stored in nice garage warehouse, the Chevy C10 "sharp" and the gold wing door looks like from a Delorean or a Bricklin. ?


Drive it like you stole it
Awesome looking car. Welcome to the best Buick forum you can find. Lots of help, parts, and good members. Now you will find out what the Grand stands for with your gn! ;)