My turn again.... CO% to the moon


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Smog hasn't been an issue for me for a few years but recently I've made some significant changes and now am at GP levels.
(42# injectors and DW300 pump)

I forgot to turn the FP down, and am hoping that is a big contributor to the #'s. It was also throwing a code 45
HC @ idle - 388 @2500 - 184
CO% @ idle - 5.51 @ 2500- 5.52

I've got Erics emission chip installed, and of course the cat. (only used for testing)

Is there anything else i should change ? I've never had to mess with the Translator settings in the past.


Go on red!
I accidentally may have zip tied the throttle blade when I was working on something else, testing the tps, so it only opens part way, enough to only go 70mph...


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UPDATE, fuel pressure adjustment did the trick. Back to legal limits.

Cheers ya'll ;)