Logged in..then out randomly


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I logged in with my normal idea. Poked around for a bit and then noticed that on one of my page changes I had been logged out. Logged back in...changed pages...logged back out. So then I tried logging in with Facebook since I had linked my FB account to my Wh1 name before the site change..I selected the link and everything seemed to go fine. Then it took me back to the site where it wanted a name to be listed as with my posts. I THOUGHT that this was just a nickname section that would be associated with my normal account. But then it seemed that it had created ANOTHER account!!!! But when I hit home..everything was logged out anyways..

So I selected log in again, used the WH1 name and posted this.

MODS: if there is a new account with the handle 'Niels' (my first name) please delete it. It was an accident.


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It's happened to me as well Niels so don't feel alone. I also found out that if you're using IE in compatability mode you need to turn it off so that the site loads right.