Launching like 6 speed supra???


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I've been upgrading pretty quickly on my car, and this is how far I am to date: (car was stock 2 weeks ago)
DFI (gen 6)
55#/hr siemens
Precision stage III race ported stock heads/intake
Filled / ported stock upper intake / throttle body

My problem: Car moves like a bat out of hell from a roll, but can't build boost off the brake. I just had 009's and the stock computer and had no problem, but since the addition of the 55's and DFI, I can't launch. The car takes about 20-30 feet to start to spool, but once it starts, it spools very quickly... I'm sure I'll need to have the DFI re-tuned as it is set up for MSD50's, but wouldn't think that the injector difference alone would cause this problem. -Don't know if this matters, but before I switched computers and injectors, with the bleeder valve for the wastegate all the way shut, the car made about 12psi, now it's at about 18psi, and I haven't touched it yet...



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Sounds like you need to tweak the "spool" area of your fuel table. I don't know Gen 6, so I can't tell you exactly. I would guess the car may be rich causing the poor spool. 55's are a lot of injector for a te-60. I ran 55's with a TE-64. So I would look into leaning out the rpm and map area of the table where it tries to spool.




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Man if it is launching like a 6 speed Supra then no matter what you do you will still be in the 12's at best.:D



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Very funny Prasad, looks like you were on to something about the converter... You know me, I already sent an email to Jason about that converter, and as long as he doesn't mind selling to me, I'd like to pick it up. I tried backing out some fuel pressure to no avail, and I need to get a tack in the car too, but think no matter what a looser converter is going to help ET's.

Talk to you later-