KB stage2 cam specs needed


Can anyone give me some info from this pic . I have some old Kenne Bell catalogs but cant find specifics on this one. Of course 108 lobe separation is obvious.
Just noticed the lobes on the KB cam are near as big at the cam bearing journal. High RPM NA cam?
The cam on the right is my current cam.
Any input would appreciated .



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According to an old KB test sheet I have, the cam was used in a N/A engine. The part number was KB-82-7342. It was used with Crane roller lifters. It's not in any of my old catalogs going back to the mid 70's. It must have been a custom grind, maybe from Crane. By the looks of the lobes, it has plenty of lift.


Thats some serious testing KB did.
Thanks for your input on this cam.
Its very clear this cam is way outside my use. I think 9 to 10K rpm is not were my motor needs to be.