June 13th Motorgen Meet/Angeles Crest Run!


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2nd Annual Motorgen Angeles Crest Forest Cruise!!
Saturday June 13th!!



Meet up at the North East corner of Orangethorpe and Brookhurst in Fullerton across the street from Nick's around noon (12:00p.m.) for a brief hang. Leave at 12:30p.m. to pick up the 5 and head for an Angeles Crest Forest Run above LA. There's a McDonald's and Starbucks within walking distance of the meet up location. I will have maps that I will hand out for everyone. This is the address:
1725 Orangethorpe!!

We will be meeting just off the freeway close to the entrance for Angeles Crest. HERE IS AN IMAGE OF WHERE WE WILL BE MEETING! WE SHOULD HIT THIS POINT AROUND 1:10p.m. TO 1:15p.m.!!

I've selected a Biker Friendly route that bypasses many of the interchanges on the 5.

91 West from Brookhurst, stay in right lane as it immediately becomes the 5 North
5 North to 605 North 10 Miles
605 North to 210 West 16 Miles
210 North to Hwy 2 16.5 Miles

Once on Hwy. 2, it's about 27.5 miles to Newcomb's Cafe, it's a cool place with lots of exotic bikes.

It's about another 13.2 Miles to where Hwy 2 is Closed.

Also, you can participate in the discussion of the details in this thread.

We should get back in time for the meet at Nick's at 6:30p.m. We have our meets every 2nd Saturday of each month. It is a mix of all kinds of cars (domestic, euro, import) and it's a great group of car guys. The address is:

Nick's Burger
1712 W. Orangethorpe Ave
Fullerton, CA 92833

If anyone has any questions please give me a call (714-322-2324), shoot me an email (SeanPlunk@gmail.com) or visit this thread at Motorgen. The actual event is HERE on the calendar!

If you think there's a good chance you're going to attend, please let us know by clicking on the link here. Thanks and see you there!


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Monday Bump!

Thanks to the Subie and MazdaSpeed3 guys it has been brought to my attention that Angeles Crest is open all the way through again. A friend and I are going to prerun the route to scope out the situation and then post an updated route soon :)

The date and times though will remain the same. Last cruise we had about 30 cars and this one should be bigger! Keep your eyes on this thread as we get closer for more details. See everyone there!


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Two Week Bump!

Everything is open again so we're going ALL the way though now :)

When we get to the Crest we may break into 2 groups because we have so many cars. The first group would be for those that want to be at the speed limit the entire time. The second group would be for those of us that just want to cruise through at a leisurely pace. I'm planning to lead the 2nd group.

Here is the new complete route!


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Alright everyone, this meet and cruise is THIS SATURDAY!

One of the guys from the Mazdaspeed3 forums (thanks Design!!) ran it yesterday and this is what he had to say:

"Just ran Angeles Crest today from Pasadena to Wrightwood. Majority of the road has been repaved and almost no debris. Should be a great trip for those considering it."

I also just checked the weather and it's supposed to be 76 degrees and sunny :)

If anyone has any questions shoot me a PM, email me (SeanPlunk@gmail.com), or give me a call at 714-322-2324. Also, the information thread is here. I'll see you all there!


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Alright everyone, this is my last bump for this.

I will be at the meet spot at noon. For anyone that needs gas there is a station directly across the street.

We are planning to leave around 12:30 give or take a few minutes. We need to stay on time as much as possible because we're going to be meeting up with some cars at the base of the Crest at around 1:15.

The cruise should take about 4 hours total. We are planning to be back by 6. We will stop a couple times along the way to get everyone together and to let people use the restroom. At the meetup point I will be handing out maps that will have details of everything. The maps will also have the phone numbers of a few of us on them in case anybody gets lost.

As I mentioned we are planning to be back by 6. For anyone that just wants to come hang at the meet it will start by 6:30 for sure. Here is the address for the meet:

Nick's Burger
1712 W. Orangethorpe Ave
Fullerton, CA 92833

We'll be videotaping along the way and will splice together a cruise video after we're done. If anyone has any questions you all know how to get a hold of me. Thanks and see you there!!


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It was a lot of fun. I think we had 37 cars total. All different makes and models. The weather for the first part of the run wasn't great. At one point the visibility was about 15 feet :eek:

Thankfully we had a good group and everyone slowed way down so we didn't have any problems. After the first section we got above the clouds and it was beautiful. The part of Angeles Crest they just opened has freshly paved road too which was great. Everyone seemed to have a really good time. Next year will be better :cool:


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This was a great meet - thanks to everyone that came! I think we had 37 + cars on the cruise! We had Vette's, IS's, Mustangs, 350z, Evo's, an S2000, Camaro's, a couple Subie's, SRT4's, a Charger, a DSM, a CTS-V, a BMW 335, 2 AMG Mercedes, GTO's etc.

The first section of the crest the weather was bad unfortunately. At one point visibility was probably about 15ft. It was a good group though and everyone actually slowed way down so that nobody would get hurt. The weather let up after we got a little higher elevation wise and then it was a great run. The part of Angeles Crest they just reopened was freshly paved and really fun to drive.

When we started last year we only had 12 cars on the run and it was all domestics. It was exciting to see how many new people we met this year. It was also nice because our cruises have become a 50/50 mix of domestic and import/euro. Our next meet is July 11th, keep your eyes open here for details. We're doing another cruise and will decide on a route shortly. I hope to see you all there!!

Here are some photos courtesy of Martin @ motoiq.com

Here is the link to the album @ motoiq, and here is a link to our original thread (main pictures on page 19). Videos can be found on the OP in the original thread as well as in our video section here.