Is The Cat Hanger Really Needed?


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Hopefully this is an easy question for a TR vet to answer. My trans installer didn't reinstall my cat hanger since it was torn almost completely in half. Now I'm trying to decide whether to buy another one or not. Is the cat hanger really needed? If not, does the trans at least need to be shimmed to make up for the missing cat hanger? Will that ~1/4" make that much of a difference to the drivetrain?


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Without a cat hanger, the bouncing weight of the cat and pipes will put alot of stress on the passenger side header and turbo. You can buy replacement strapping for the hanger bracket at any parts store..


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I dont run a cat
Removed my hanger 15 yrs ago.
No issues. But I use hangers on my mufflers. For a litte extra support

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Got rid of mine years ago. Yes you will need to shim the trans mount the same thickness as the cat hanger bracket to maintain correct driveshaft angle. I have my mufflers supported with hangers and if I disconnect the test pipe the exhaust pretty much stays in place. Running our dual 3" system we sell and it is fairly light. If you are running a cat probably a different story.


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SInce I am running a cat I'll just buy a new one. The old one was discarded a while ago. Thanks for the replies.