Intermittent code 41


Was cruising at about 30 mph and all of a sudden I could feel the engine bog down, the PLX A/F gauge went from around 14 to pinned at 18+ and then bounced back to around 14 in less than a second. This happened about 3 or 4 times then the Check Engine Light came on. Did it a few more times while the CEL light was on. I immediately headed for home. About a mile after this happened the CEL light went off and no more A/F gauge maxing out. This has been an issue with this car for a while. When the car is just idling and this happens the motor dies. If the engine dies it will not start again for a while. Going by the troubleshooting guide it has to be between the Cam Sensor and Ignition Module. The A/F gauge going to 18+ means running lean. I thought if the Cam Sensor circuit fails it goes into batch mode - would not expect it to run lean. From all of this one would think the Ignition Module is bad. I did swap the Cam Sensor cap ,Ignition Module, and ECM one at a time off the TTA years ago. Been so long don't remember what parts are on which car. TTA always runs perfect. So that kind of rules out the bolt on parts. Kind of leaning toward a bad wire connection between the Ignition Module and Cam Sensor. Any ideas?


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Try swapping your ignition modules again. The heat underneath the hood does damage the ignition module over time. I always pop my hood after driving my GN for that reason. Like many here, I’ll swap to a TR6 setup next time I have ignition issues.


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ECM harness A11 could be an issue.

You could do an ohms test with connectors off ECM and Module and wiggle the wires, check for corrosion etc.

Otherwise pull the cam sensor cap and check it out.
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