Intercooler Shroud and scoop


Would really like to see if anyone can reproduce these since they don't make these for the TTA anymore. I know MANY of the TTA owners would buy these for a reasonable price.

Sean Kuehnel
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I will make one next year when I am settled in my garage. It will be constructed of aluminum and will take a lot of work at first till I get a jig set up for it. .....Patience.....


Please let us know. I was hoping someone could make it in aluminum. I would try, but I have the tools or garage to do it in and I will probably jack it all up.:p

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IC shrouds

Just let us know....we would be more than welcome to produce an intercooler shroud in sheet aluminum for the TTA....send us your desires, needs, etc....whether you want it adjustable or not, etc......

2) I will need a MINIMUM of 20 persons to be involved in the initial order to pay for the setup time (waterjet/cnc, etc) involved for us to break even on the shrouds.

Our Email is :

thanks, <KM@>MPE


Do you have a ball park figure? I spoke with another vendor a few days ago and he was thinking of making a repro fiberglass or plastic one. Very early stages.


Sean K. Check out the TTA album I set up. Found a bunch of old pics of your car. Will try to apply my door decals tommorow and take some pics. Will try to hurry since I'm going TDY soon.

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Hey Ryan, is htere a way you can put some of those pics on the okbuicks gallery? I can't open up your link because I get websensed when I try to open it.

Good luck on your voyage!