I Might Need a Hand Guys in NRH

Shawn N

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My TR has been down for 4 months now. Between me and my mechanic just about everything has been thrown at it. The ecm, cam and crank sensors and module have been swapped out. There is still no injector pulse. It has fuel, compression, etc. All the little silly stuff has been checked over twice (fuses, fusible links, grounds, etc.) My Casper's sensor tool lights up when cranked. It's coming down to a short/connector corrosion between the ecm/sensors to the injectors. This is my weakest point with these cars. I'm not ready to toss a new harness in it until I'm 100% certain that is what it's going to take to fix it if needed. I don't know of anyone locally besides Mac's Performance or Jack that could figure it out. I doubt they would want to work on something like this anyway. I know I don't lol.


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Shawn sorry I'm not much help on the getting it to run part but if you need help in moving the car I have a truck and trailer and can help anytime just let me know. My cell 214 629 7429. If I don't answer leave a message and I'll call you back


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Did you pull the injector harness off and inspect it and ohm it out?


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I had an issue where the right bank injectors weren't firing. I had to get a new chip. ECM was fine though.


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Were you able to get this ironed out?

You say you have fuel, what psi at the rail? Im guessing you here the pump and have 12 or more v at the relay in the back(if it has a hot wire).
How did you determine no injector pulse? Noid light? Are you getting the pulse off the crank sensor(measured with a meter?)?

What was it doing when it last ran? Not well, ran fine and just stopped. Ran fine, parked and wouldn't restart? Im no guru but Ive fought mine a few times.