GTO added to kill list


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I'm no Raven sorry..but it is LONG :p

A little back ground first

Went on a road trip for work with the 86 (love getting paid to visit Family and Friends) to Fayetteville, NC from Atlanta, GA. On the road trip I developed a trans line leak and didn’t know it until I got off the freeway about 10 miles from Mother-in-laws house…I know what about the GTO, well you need a little back ground first. I went to pull out into taffiic and gave it some gas, car just sat there reving..I limp it the rest of the way, trans is slipping bad in all gears. I get it up on the lift after work and found the trans line had a hole, I pulled the crossover pipe, cut the line and used fuel line with double clamps to hold it. My DS motor mount is already broke( I have it strapped down) and know I found that the trans mount is very bad. I put it back together and head to a parts store to order a trans mount, crap I didn’t seat the crossover good and it’s leaking bad..Boost spikes to 20 psi than drops to 15psi. OK so know I’m on my way back to my M-I-L house in a left duel turn lane and a GTO pulls beside me. I see him looking the car over trying to see what it is (car is He revs his a couple of times, I can tell that it’s got flowmasters.. I pull the trans in low, light turns green and there’s about 3 cars in front of us. We both start slow letting traffic get out in front. I hear him nail it and push in to it and manually shift in to second..were’s the GTO??? Oh wait he’s a good car length back, I let him catch up, but now he’s behind cars so he pulls in behind me. I give him a count down with my hand and I pull him hard thru second. I pull over to the center lane letting him catch up, gives me the thumps up and I notice that his wife is in the car not looking happy…lol