Good Buick Mechanic? Western, KY


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Hey guys, I'm in Western KY, and I need to know if anybody knows of a good Buick mechanic around close to where I am. We have a 86' T-type, and we have ordered all sorts of goodies to upgrade it with. Just want somebody we can trust. If I could do it myself, I would, but I don't want to take a chance of messing anything up, nor do I have the time. Thanks for any info.

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History on the car: 86' T-type with 77K miles. The car looks great and the engine is good too, but the Turbo went out, so we decided to restore and upgrade. Here is the parts list so far.

Garrett GT3255E Turbo
Racetronix 340 Walbro fuel pump
Bosch 42.5 lb inj.
Commander Chip from (conservatively prog.)
New Turbo hose kit (thicker hoses)

Will also be getting new sparksplugs, valve seals, and a boost guage. Any suggestions on the boost guage guys? Thanks for any help.:)

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Glen Whitledge is just southwest of Louisville. He's a pretty good dude. Not mechanic by trade but perhaps willing to help or help find someone. Kip Asplund is in Jeffersonville, IN across the river from Louisville. There are others in the area as well that I can't think of at the moment that are knowledgable.