FS: 1998 Buick Regal GS Turbo CUSTOM! One of a kind.


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Let me start out by saying you will NEVER find another car like this. I know a lot of people say that, but hardly ever is it really true, but a lot of people on here know and realize that it is indeed true. The turbo setup on this car is THE ONLY one like it in the US and probably even the world. It uses stock GM parts for the intake and fuel setup found on the Australian Holden Commodore vehicles and is currently THE ONLY one known to be in use in the US. In addition the car has the ORIGINAL ram air hood designed and made by MPD. Only about 10-15 of these hoods have been made meaning that you are VERY unlikely to run across another Regal in town (or possibly ever) with this hood on other than possibly at a Regal meet.

Lets get too it:

Asking price is $12,000 obo (feel free to make a reasonable offer). Many items/extras come with the car, so read carefully (INCLUDING AN EXTRA 0 mile REBUILT TRANSMISSION).

You can contact me at ben97gtp@hotmail.com or on my cell by call or text at (317)538-2536

About the car

1998 Buick Regal GS with 167,xxx miles on the chassis.
2006 L32 motor with ~14,000 miles on it, L36 heads
4T65-E transmission in the car was rebuilt at ~131,000 miles, so ~36,000 miles on the transmission (WITH CAR COMES A 0 MILE REBUILT TRANSMISSION AND TORQUE CONVERTER IF YOU WANT IT/CAN HAUL IT HOME AT TIME OF PURCHASE)
Car is a daily driver that runs low-mid 13's on ~8 psi.
Car was run at the track with all season tires and at 12 psi it ran a 2.241 60' :redface: 13.123 @ 109.390.
With good tires/traction, a better driver and 15 psi (where injectors will start to max out) it should be a solid low-mid 12 second car. Add a cam and upgrade fuel pump and injectors and this setup is capable of 11's. Talk about a sleeper!!!

Engine mods:
PT61 Turbo from Precision Turbos
Z7 turbo crossover (Keco 400B Ceramic Coating)
Z7 turbo downpipe (Keco 400B Ceramic Coating)
Hallman Pro RX Manual Boost Controller
PRJ custom tuned PCM (semi-polished case)
PRJ wires
Lucas 42# Injectors
Intense modified 1.9 rockers
Rollmaster double roller timing chain
Tial 38mm wastegate
Tial 50mm blow off valve
Treadstone large A/A FMIC
LT1 MAF sensor
Holden UIM (polished cover)
Holden LIM
Holden TB (with sensors)
Holden modified billet/log style fuel rails (polished w/AN fittings)
Holden coolant tensioner (polished)
Custom throttle cable/linkage
Custom power steering setup (remote mount reserviour)
ZZP Oil Pressure Kit
180 Drilled T-stat (polished housing)
All new (less than 5,000 miles) gaskets and seals
Custom PCV system with vacuum pump and catch can
Si 105# valve springs
Ported Front Exhaust manifold
ZZP Stainless Steel rear Plog manifold (Keco 400B Ceramic Coating)
EGR Delete
EVAP Delete
Custom Braided Stainless Steel Fuel lines
Sard Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator
ZZP TOG style catless 3" downpipe with 2.5" reducer and wideband O2 bung
Greddy Airenex Air Filter
Braided Stainless Steel Turbo Oil Feed Line
Braided Stainless Steel Turbo Oil Return Line
Lokar flexible transmission dipstick
Intense valve cover breather
'99+ Coolant overflow
Olympus lightweight race battery

Moog Front Sway-bar End Links
GMPP Front Sway-bar
Energy Suspension Front Sway-bar Ploy Bushings
Moog Rear Sway-bar End Links
GMPP Rear Sway-bar
Energy Suspension Rear Sway-bar Poly Bushings
Moog Outer Tie Rod Ends
SP Performance Front 12" Drilled and Slotted Rotors
LS1 Front Brake Upgrade
Hawks HPS Brake Pads
Century non-ABS Master Cylinder
New front brake lines
Smaller Impala/Monte Brake Booster
SP Performance Rear Drilled and Slotted Rotors
Solid Tranmission Mount
Solid Lower Engine Mount
ZZP Subframe spacers
Poly Dog-bone Mounts
GMPP Front Strut Tower Bar
GMPP Rear Strut Tower Bar
GMPP Trailing Arms
Impala/Monte Engine Braces
Circuit Sports Catch Can
Polished Front Engine Mount Brackets

MPD Ram Air Hood with Plenum (FULLY FUNCTIONAL)
SLP GSX Replica Spoiler
Grand Prix Special Edition 17" Graphite 10 spoke wheels with 80%+ tread Pirelli P-zero Nero Tires
SLP GSX Centercaps
SLP GSX Exhaust Inserts
'86 Century Gran Sport Badges (real OEM metal badges)
5% window tint on all side and rear windows
Regal Logo Mudflaps (for all you haters... lol)
Tinted Headlights
Clear Corners
SLP GSX Grill (modififed for '86 Century Gran Sport Badge, not installed)
Blue LED lit door handles
"Shaved" front passenger door handle (rear key-holeless handle swapped to front)

"Rare" blue leather interior
Heated Seats
Blue Carbon Fiber Front Switch Panels
GSX Floor mats
LED Interior Lights
Blue LED accent lights (door cubbies)
Kenwood CD/MP3 player KDC-MP919
Lokar 3 Gauge Pillar
Autometer Auto-Lite(Silver) Trans Temp Gauge
Autometer Auto-Lite(Silver) Oil Pressure Gauge
Autometer Auto-Lite(Silver) Boost Gauge
California Profile Amplifier
Eclipse Aluminum Series 12" Sub in custom "out of the way" box

Some of the extras include (but not limited to)
4T65-E Rebuilt Transmission with 0 miles (must take when picking up car)
Rebuilt Torque Convertor with 0 miles (must take when picking up car)
BMW E40 Foglight upgrade
Spare Holden Gaskets
Spare Holden Fuel Rails
L32 Fuel Injectors
SP Performance 12" Drilled and Slotted Rotors (used)
Stock rockers
Stock Valve Springs
Misc extra sensors
Misc extra gaskets
Misc extra brackets
HID Headlight bulbs and balasts (OEM Lexus)
HID Headlight bulbs and balasts (Panasonic "plug and play" kit)

The Good:
Car does not look like it has 167,xxx miles on it.
Paint is in great shape and recently buffed/polished (does show some normal wear)
Engine is a low mileage L32 with extensive yet reliable mods
Spare transmission and halfshafts.
Interior is in great shape.
Cupholder is not broken (if you know Regals of this style, this is definitely a plus... lol)
Heated seats.
All power windows and locks work as they should
No dents! (Car recently PDR'ed for the few dents that were there)

The Bad:
Scratch on back passenger door about 3" long
Misc minor scratches and a few rock chips, nothing major
Currently running stock exhaust with muffler cut off, very quiet tone with no drone, but this leaves no exhaust tips to fill the bumper inserts
PCV setup works, but could work better if redone
TRACTION (is this really a bad thing though... lol)

Here are some pictures:











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What does capable of 11's mean? Did u ever run it with DR's?

"Capable of 11's" means if you do the three mods in front of that comment (cams, fuel pump, and injectors, which allows boost to be turned up to 18-20 psi) with a tune obviously and have some decent tires/traction, that it will have the power to run 11's if you can get the power down (based on turbocharged Grand Prix's that are running those additional mods and the same, or even less, mods than are currently on the car).

I am not trying to overexaggerate what this car will do. No, I have not had access to a set of drag radials. I want to find/borrow a set and take it back out to the track to get around a 12.5-12.7 as it sits with boost set around 13-15 psi. But the problem is I have only had the time to get it to the track once since it was completed (and without a decent tire) and do not know when I will have the time again. That is basically the main motivation for selling. I built a car to be basically a "drag" car and now things in my life have changed and the time just is no longer there to take it to the strip. :(

I used to be decent at launching this car (even on street tires) when it was still supercharged. But between the fact that I have not raced the car for the 2 years that it took to build it and that the turbo is a whole different animal at the track, I am just not as good as I used to be... lol The day I got the 13.123 I only got 4 passes in and this was the only time I have been able to make it to the track. First pass was on ~8 psi and I ran a 13.750 with a 2.21 60' and after that I upped the boost. I was progressively getting better, but it was an "all out" event in which the first round of the class I was in, I raced an 11 sec 300zx knocking me out from anymore runs.


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Car looks great and super clean. I would throw this add up on Flebay as well. Will probably attract more people there since it's a specialty car. Definately never seen one like urs before.


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Car looks great and super clean. I would throw this add up on Flebay as well. Will probably attract more people there since it's a specialty car. Definately never seen one like urs before.

Thanks, I worked very hard to get it the way I wanted it. Was trying to retain a stock look, but yet the Holden intake is also very functional for this setup (individual runners to each cylinder).

I had thought about throwing it up there to get some attention/interest, but I personally hate selling on ebay with a passion, so it is more of a last resort. ;)


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Thanks for the complements guys... Means a lot since the turbo Regal/Grand National was part of the inspiration for the car. The hood was kinda modeled after the Buick GSX and also incorporates the "infamous" Buick portholes (that everybody now seems to think need to go on every car :rolleyes: )


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Figured I would update this. On Aug. 18 someone hit me and totaled the car. The damage was not HORRIBLE, but insurance still totaled it out as it was in the door frame and quarter panel. Ended up listing the car for $5,500 as it sat (with the big "dent") and sold it for $4,500.








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Hope you pulled all the parts b4 selling it for that. BTW murphinator has a s/c GS that runs 12.2. Pretty neat to see the FWDs getting it done. Most I see are stuck in the high 13s.


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Man, that sux bad. Very sorry about the little GS.:frown:

If you do have any parts from it though, give a PM.


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Hope you pulled all the parts b4 selling it for that. BTW murphinator has a s/c GS that runs 12.2. Pretty neat to see the FWDs getting it done. Most I see are stuck in the high 13s.

Nope, sold the car as it sat. Did not pull a thing off of it. It sucked, but I currently have/had 2 cars torn apart in the garage and no where to tear down a third (plus the Regal was my daily driver and I still needed a way to get to work... lol)

New project is a '68 Mercury Montego. It is being set up for a cruiser, not a "racer" like the Regal was set up for.

Hoping to get another Regal and possibly build it up in a similar way (but faster..) But that will be after the new house gets built.:biggrin: