Finishing build up, but a few questions

I'm almost done with my hot air engine replacement and other modifications but I have a few questions.
1. Are you guys running the wastegate solenoid back to the pcv or just vent to atmosphere? I was going to go atmosphere cause that port on the solenoid was full of oil sludge
2. Which port on the turbo y do you put the brass orifice in? I put it in the compressor housing side.
3. Anyone try running a push in style valve cover breather and grommet instead of the stock twist in style?
4. Does anyone have a measurement between the fuel rail and the IAC block so I could tell if my turbo is sitting down all the way?
5.Is there any know problems connecting the hot air MAF connector that comes out of the harness to the translator? My connecter on the translator looks like I need to modify it to make the lock snap in tight.