Engine/transmission Statements


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A suggestion ladies and gentleman.

When putting a vehicle up for sale, especially to a group as knowledgeable as this board - the devil is in the details.

If the vehicle showcased has had a rebuilt engine or transmission, or if either has been mildly been "refreshed" try to include who performed the build and as much specifics as you can. I know not everyone has access to the well known builders in this community, but those builders carry a lot of weight and can make a sale much smoother. If you will notice on most of the posted adds, when someone states "fresh rebuild" usually the first question is "who built it?". Bottom line is we want to know. Some of these cars come across the block here a couple times, knowing who did engine/ tranny work will also help those sales as the original add will be archived.
Keep in mind a lot of people that browse these adds are looking for their first TR. They may not be ultimately familiar with how these engines and transmissions live and work. These engines are a breed of their own. They cannot be slapped together like a Chevy...no matter what your experienced builder thinks. They may be great engine builders, but if they have no experience with the 109 then there can be trouble down the road.