Bunch of parts


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Agreed , he also has no problem asking for help in the tech section. It's all about him. He wants you to help him but when it's his turn to do what he is supposed to do he disappears.
Exactly !

Also when he's trying to sell something he's
"Johnny On Spot" !
But after he's got your money he goes incognito !

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I can't see why anyone would ever want to deal with him again.

Here's the kicker, many here may not realize:
He visits the board every day or so.
Perfect example he last on 6:30pm TODAY !
He simply refuses to communicate......
Say what...damn it man! This is crazy.


Yes it is Crazy !

He was on again today at 11:47am...........
I just don't understand why he doesn't want to respond to your messages? You would like to have some sort of communication much less your parts. I feel your pain TurboTJT.


I just saw where he is selling a stock 109 block and someone just replied about it this morning.