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MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, looking at your builds, how do you find the time. I started mine a year ago and am still in fab mode:) :confused: I hope you just put your post together toward the end of the build to show us your great projects. I look forward to the day that I can set a completion date for my project. I will attempt to start detailing my progress on this thread and will add some pictures of it in the next couple of weeks, so stayed tuned!

Here is the main idea for this project.
It started with with a 1971 Z28 a friend had in high school, we all know this kid, his father owned a large company and this was the fastest car in town. Everyone wanted this car 406 small block with all the goodies, If this car would have ever hooked it would have pulled the tires on the street. Well fast forward 4 years, driving down the road with my girlfriend, oh my is that it on the side of the road with a FOR SALE on it, turn around and stop to look yep this is it, been a tough 4 years on the car now it has no motor or trans, the remains of an 8pt cage that someone cut out with a torch, and the worst set of Pontiac 14" rims on it. A deal was made and the car came home to my garage where I took it apart into pieces and discovered the front floors were rusted through, Got married and had a son so the car just sat in the garage. 13 years later I decided it was time to build the car for my son for his first car.

So keep following this thread for additional postings.


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Awesome! I love projects! That is cool it is a car with some history too! Post up some pics when you get time.
Well I had a month off from school after taking summer classes, I didnt have a job for that month and was at home staying at the parents'. Having the Ttype next to the Chevelle and enough room to work with was what made it happen for me.


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OK new day, I have a bad head cold so I hope I can get this portion of it together.

Parts put together so far:
Purchased a Complete assembled long block with all the machine shop receipts and notes. very nice build with forged crank, trw forged pistons, balanced the works. heads have larger valves and mild port work, and good springs. came with a ta-49 turbo and a Luanati cam. had about 500 miles on it was real strong when I test drove it before removal.

Purchased a set of mild steel TA headers and a 3.5" Mild steel downpipe and had them jet coated.
had the factory intake jet hot coated also.
purchashed a gtq 70 bb 4"in 3" out .85 housing, 83lb injectors, a 70 accu-fab throttle body.
a Fatman Fab front clip with r&p had to re-fab the driver side lower control arm to clear the TA headers.
a 4 row aluminum radiator with aluminum shroud w/dual fans.
a Precision Stock location intercooler
A Razor progressive alky kit.
Purchased a built 200r4 (Thanks Brian)
3000 stall (cheap one will probably spend the $$$ and buy a PAts)
Just purchased a new set of GN-1 Aluminim heads (have not received them yet.)
Found a BGC intake (I am excited about this)
Lot and lots of other little things that I can't remember at this time. Boy things get out of hand quick.

Future purchases coming soon include:
RJC Billet girdle
RJC head clamps
RJC pulleys
XFI w/logger

Stay tuned for pictures coming soon. I am going to Fla for vacation next week so as soon as I get back I will post some pictures of where it stands so far, I am still doing fab work to the front clip, I have the engine placed and am now trying to fab up brackets for Radiator and intercooler.