Bose tach wheels


quick question? I want to order 18x9 front and 18x 10 rear for my 87 GN. Bose rep thinks the fronts will have figment issues, I don't think so with a 255/35-40 front tire size. What do you experts say? Will they fit without any issues?


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Check out the "Official Wheel/Tire Picture Thread"
Scot W's first page entry lists his sizes and back spacing. Very close to what you're looking at. I would ask him for advice.
The only issue I would be concerned with would be the hub spacing (and thus backspacing) since some aftermarket brakes move the hub out.
When I ordered my Boze wheels from Zak (a long time ago), I had to insist on the backspacing I wanted. Their initial recommendation would have been way off. But, I know they have learned a Lot about our cars since then.


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I went with 4.5 front and 4.75 rear. But only 8" wide front. I could have gone 4.875 rear, but it would have hit my watts link mount.