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Probably one of the best ford tuners ever,I don't think Cunningham will qualify at all this year:p

Glidden recovering, has left Cunningham team
Friday, January 14, 2011
by John Jodauga, National DRAGSTER Associate Editor

Pro Stock legend Bob Glidden has had an eventful winter after undergoing procedures to his brain and heart, and he has announced that he no longer will be providing assistance to Jim Cunningham’s Ford Pro Stock team.

Glidden stated that his difficulties began shortly after the 2010 Automobile Club of Southern California NHRA Finals, from which he had to withdraw after he passed out and fell on his head while exiting one of Cunningham’s Mustangs following a run. After returning home, complications arose, and Glidden suffered a near-fatal brain seizure.

He has recovered from that incident and recently visited The Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he underwent a procedure to transfer stem cells from his bone marrow to his heart in an attempt to repair damage from a heart attack in December 1994.

“It’s a new experimental procedure that takes about six to eight months before it is determined whether it has worked or not. But I’ve been told that it’s been done with two previous patients, and both of them have benefited from this. I’m very glad to be in the position to be a part of this process.”

Glidden also said that because of differences of opinions regarding team drivers, he has left Cunningham’s racing operation.

“Jim informed me last Thursday [Jan. 6], that it wasn’t any of my business who is driving his cars. I thought he had more respect for me than that, but apparently he doesn’t, and so I have left the team. It broke my heart, but that’s the way it is.”

Cunningham said, “Yes, Bob and I did have a disagreement over the choice of drivers, and I’m sorry to see him go. But we’ve been doing this for a long time, and we will proceed to move forward. At this time, it looks like we’ll probably miss the Winternationals because that’s a long way to go from our shop in Maryland and then back to Gainesville for the next race. We feel we can put that time to better use by testing, which we plan to do a lot of.”



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I love Bob Glidden. I actually laid under his EXP at Indy one year trying to help him with a very ill handling chassis. That was the first car I remember that was in bad need of a rear tortion bar!! Of coarse noboby used one at that time , but looking back that car needed one badly!! Defenetly one of the nicest guys you will ever meet!!! Good luck Bob!!! Mike:cool:


Thanks for posting that, I saw Buddy run at the Ennis track back in the 80's. IIRC, the turbo cars had just been banned and he made an exhibition pass...


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Years ago there was a serious rain delay here in Seattle NHRA Nationals (ya, I know, it RAINS here ALOT) We made it to the finals on Wednesday which was our daughter 8th birhtday. I got up and asked her what she wanted to do on her B-day. She said she wanted to go to the track and see Bob Glidden win. This was a week after the beans were spilled by Bob about notrous use in Pro-Stock. To make a long story short, Bob runner'd up against W.J. and the crowd was on there feet when Bob was towed past the stands on the return road. (when W.J was towed past, literally about 6 people cheared Warren.) We went to the pits and waited in line for Bobs autograph. I told Bob that my daughter wanted to celibrate her birthday watching him win. He actually teared up and got down on his knees and talked with her, one on one, for a few minutes. That man is a CLASS ACT!

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You are right. You will not see either of his two fords qualify. If they do it will be on pure luck. The Ford banner will be carried by Larry Morgan and the Roush backed team if they come out this year.

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I met Bob at the Super Stock Nationals at the York, PA dragstrip back in 1970 and 1971. I took some pictures of him with his car...he was racing in the Super Stock class and Pro Stock class if you can believe that. Nicest guy in the world then, and still now. A class act. Been wondering what he's been up to....sorry to hear of his plight, and I sure wish him well. He's definately one of the best in autoracing.

Thank you so much for your updating post, SS/GN I sure appreciate you doing that.

Bruce '87 Grand National