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Getting closer on my engine install, and am wondering which alky spray kit to use, why, and how many nozzles.
AEM or Alky controls.
+ .020 Wisecos w/ $220.00 Total Seal Turbo rings
Cometic hgs
Steel Scat crank
Billet caps
ARP studs everywhere
Completely modded oiling sys, big oil pan & filter
Comp 212/212 .537 (1.65 rrs)
Ported irons, intake, no egr boss
70mm tbi, & doghouse, Rjc Plate, cold air, etc.
Internally balanced to .1 gram, everything, even, the pulleys!
PTE slic
60lb. Injs
TT chip
SS JF valves
62/62 jb
3" dp, dual 3" exhaust, TA Race headers
Built 200r4, 25-2700 stall (for now, I'll see how it works)
9" 3.50 gears
Rear suspension mods, boxed arms, relocated uppers
Chassis stiffening additions
No dragstrips = no roll bar
Fun street/ mountain touring car
Prolly 25 lbs boost.
Gonna run 91 octane fuel (highest easily available)
So whose kit? Why? How many nozzles? Why?
Scanmaster G
I want to do this once.
ALSO what 3" mufflers? I don't want drone, or loud!


AEM does not allow 100% meth, I think they say to not exceed 50/50.

Alky kit is extremely clean and nice to install. although it would be nice if he would condense all the single sheet add-on instructions into the main booklet. overall I'm thrilled with the ALKY. I have an AEM kit but have not installed it yet on my turbo LS truck. The AEM seems to be of adequate quality but the ALKY kits advantage is that it is specifically designed for turbo buicks wheres the AEM is a universal kit. single nozzle kit will get you into the 10s as far as i am aware.


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Alkycontrol all the way . Julio can tell you what you would need as far as nozzles . Also don't forget to get the GN test kit .


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2.5" exhaust it will take you in the 9s , pipes race pro mufflers or Magnaflow straight through design if you want to spend extra coin.
And of course Julio's Alky-control use nothing else..


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Julio called me and answered all my questions. Walked me through all the setup. Tuning. Awesome service and products. Been beating on my car for 3 years with no issues. Alkycontrol is the best.


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Alkycontrol all the way. 100% methanol.
I have experience with the V3 AEM system they work very well and quality is good but only 50/50 mix max.


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Alkycontrol all the way. Been running it for about 8 years. By far the best modification out there in my opinion. It really lets you enjoy the car.

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My conversation with Julio was the need for nozzles.
AIRC, his reply was 1- 15 nozzle was good to 900FWHP.
As mentioned, call him and ask.


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My conversation with Julio was the need for nozzles.
AIRC, his reply was 1- 15 nozzle was good to 900FWHP.
As mentioned, call him and ask.
Those are opinions !!! You know the expression .. every has one ;) New opinion will be about running a 50/50 water/ meth mix :ROFLMAO: TUNE TUNE TUNE.