A few nice parts to sell


Self-tuning wanna-be
I have a few things for sale:

1. RJC Intake plenum (stock) Power Plate 45.00 plus shipping

2. Accufab fuel pressure regulator 70.00 plus shipping. Removed because I went E85

3. Bosch o2 sensor for a PLX wideband 30 bucks plus shipping

4. I think it is an LT1 MAM 50.00 plus shipping, worked perfect

5. Fuel injector harness 10.00 plus shipping. Worked fine, went E85 and do not need

6. Ignition module and coil-worked great, once again E85 conversion is the reason for the swap. 60.00 plus shipping

7. Pulley( it’s billet)-don’t remember where it came from. Swapped it out for some Cruz Performance pulleys. 25.00 plus shipping.


Self-tuning wanna-be
Yes, stock injector harness. I believe I had that pulley on my (I don’t remember honestly), I believe RJC. made it. I’ll look in the morning