1987 GN Stage 2 twin turbo


Up for sale is 1987 GN stage 2.

Stage 2 on center block.
Twin 58 turbonetics turbos air to air intercooler.
Th400 manual reverse body and Trans brake and line lock.
Gear vendor for overdrive.
9 " ford rear end with disc brakes.

I would prefer to sell this car to someone familiar with GN especially stage 2. All though this car is street able i feel it's more of a strip car. I still drove the car to the track and back , gear vendor helps on the highway. The car was originally built by Duttweiler in the mid 90's. The body is decent not show quality. Please feel free to PM me or ask questions . The car is located in Mount Prospect , IL . Asking $22,000 .









Looking for 10's
Was the car just not hooking in the videos or boost not really coming on till after 220ft?
Nice car are you looking for any trades plus some Cash Maybe ?
thanks for your time


I'm looking to sell only. The car comes on boost no problem . The car was not hooking at all in the videos. I would go on the Trans brake ,spool the turbos to 5 psi of boost , release the transbrake and would just spin the tires like I was on ice. It's the only videos I have at the moment . It's hitting almost 130mph at just 15 psi boost . In one of the videos i mph more than the mustang , had I hooked off the line I would of won that race.your typical 3.8L GN will not run 130 mph at 15 psi of boost but a 4.6L (276ci) on center block with stage 2 cylinder heads will.
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If u still have the GN forsale I would like to come look at the car I would like too buy can u give me a call at 404-496-2806 my name is jay..

Thank you....


i remembered taking a test drive from the original owner of this car he is a doctor from Louisiana (i'm from NJ) and i bought the car on the spot it was incredible! Sold it later to Dave the current owner due to family stuff. I used to drive it on the street and take it to shows and always a center of attention especially for folks who knows the build and parts on the car, what's not to like with the ff; Stage 2 built by Kenny Duttweiller,twin turbo set up,Motec M48 ecu (super fast processor), TH 400 reversed valved with Gear Vendor 4th gear,etc... if i have the means now i'll grab it in a heartbeat it's so cheap! it revs fast like a formula one car yes it's that fast and if you hook game is over. Equip it with proper suspension and tires and you know what i'm talking about.


The turbo GTA is about 85% done. All that's left is wiring , fuel plumbing , engine management. Etc. it's really all these odds and ends that's taking a toll. Last time we talked Steve you had 2 GN , how are they running??

I just have too many toys and this GN just sits in the garage , only taken around the block once in awhile.


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Both are doing ok. There is always something to do. I seen the pictures of it and very impressive. And by the way you and Cliffs cars both influenced my choice to go with Chris. He is such a great guy and fantastic work and skills. Can't wait to see it when it's done.



yep you cant go wrong with Chris ,he gets the job done right. Check out some spooling on the transbrake and idling video. note fuel pump is a bit loud its a magnafuel fuel pump.brake light comes because the parking brake pedal keeps falling.

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motor with turbos wud cost about that much. stuffs a little old but thats a hellova deal imo. u shud really put some different wheels. even stock. that wud help ur sale for sure. GL