1978 Turbo 3.8 engine block and head castings - Central Alabama

Hello all. I have been working on a project building a front-wheel drive roller-cam block up as an old-school draw-through engine. I received a complete engine as a donor for the draw-through turbo system. I have no use for the rear-wheel-drive block, and I have already good heads.

These items pictured below are sale to whoever wants them. They are not for sale as scrap iron. Whoever offers to buy them must convince me they do not intend to scrap them. I say this because they are for sale for $1.00 or best offer if you come to my place to pick them up. They are not desirable for performance but they are unmodified original parts. For that reason I want to be sure they are made available to those who might see some value in them.

The engine block is a rear-wheel-drive 3.8 Buick block. I don't know if it has been bored out before. I don't expect it has been but would have to be measured to know for sure. I don't still have the pistons.

All main caps are in place with bolts.

The cam bearings have not been removed.

The only thing noteworthy about this block is the oil return in the rear of the valley wall. This was for the Riviera draw-through turbo oil return.

The heads are the style with the "taller" exhaust valve guide. They will require machining to use with a high-lift cam shaft. Because of this fact, I will also include the exhaust valves with the heads. The exhaust valves have the "oil pumping groove" below the keeper groove. This works with the taller valve guide to keep excess oil out of the exhaust ports. Just to clarify - these heads require machining to use with modern valve guide seals or a high lift cam. These valves are only useful in the tall-guide heads that have not been modified for use with new style seals or high lift cam.

The valves. I have all 6 of them. One is not in the picture but I have it.

Please send me an e-mail or a text message if you are interested. As stated in the title, I am in central Alabama and you would need to come to my place to pick up the parts.

The parts for sale are:
Engine block with main caps.
Two cylinder head castings
Six exhaust valves.

I am not going to scrap these parts. They will sit in my barn until I decide to use them or until another Buick fan wants them. I appreciate your time to look.


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