1972 CHEVROLET Nova . 29K

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Rick the pool guy

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I'm selling my 72 Nova it has 327 bored out to a 331 forged internals roller cam and lifters aluminum heads aluminum rad D1sc procharger Holley Hp fuel injection air to water intercooler meth injection full caltrak setup with split monoleaf spring and 9 way adjustable shocks, stud girdle 8.5 10 bolt posi 3.42rear gear muncie 4spd
C code M22 which will need a rebuild but still drivable ,car made 549 at15# to the wheel on a mustang dyno on a modest tune
Car is located in Ma


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The 68-72 nova had such nice clean lines and good weight ratio. This was back in 72, guy just got out of the army and bought a 70 iirc, with 396 4 speed. Put 4.56 gears in it. The unspoken word was anyone that could beat him out of the hole (no, not that one for those with their minds in the gutter) would get his girlfriend for the evening. Yes, she was a hottie! No one ever did get the prize. After usually 3-4 car lengths though he was shutdown.