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    pumping problem

    Nothing wrong with 10.0-10.5 at high boost on pump gas and meth. My car runs 10.5, the faster TAI cars run that and even lower Stoich on meth is 7:1 gas is 14.7:1 as you crank meth up you drop your target My fastest customer runs 9.6:1 aft for what it’s worth
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    Alky tank leaking around fitting

    Shouldn't use aluminum with methanol. Ive tried bulkheads in the past, some tanks are just not happy with them. Great thinking :)
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    New alky pump

    Only one pump.. its on the site. HTH
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    pumping problem

    First thing first.. any questions on controller. I'm a simple phone call away. I can't help if you dont call. Second.. Car is rich you pull fuel not meth. Settings under 5 will make the system lazy. The meth kit needs to deliver methanol predictably and reliably. Turning the Gain down clips...
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    2019 TAI rules changes / amendments... ALL TAI racers look inside!!

    Clint, how about the option to leave it at 10 gallons where its been at added to the poll.
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    Methanol flow gauge

    Just had a customer ruin a couple sensors trying to use it with 100%
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    2019 TAI rules changes / amendments... ALL TAI racers look inside!!

    There was a 75 mm turbo rule on number 2. The reason for 75 is it didn't exist and eliminated clarification to not allow 76+ turbo's. Yes on the 3 bolt. Just wanted to throw that in..
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    Wiring the alkykit pump

    The controller white goes to the shield wire
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    Alky mounting plate issues

    Simpler fix, two pieces of flat steel, 4 1/4x1.25 nuts/bolts/washers, Pump now hangs on the 4 rubber grommets
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    Intermittent failed alkycontrol box?

    Understood. I would do a new controller and throw in a new pump cable. That updates all the electronics. And yes.. better than the Pre2008
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    Intermittent failed alkycontrol box?

    Two things. 1) Bad ground on controller will allow green wire to back feed. 2) Controller is failing. Typically when electronics go bad, they go bad. But being its 10+ years old, maybe its easier and money better spent simply upgrading the controller. I always say who knows how long electronics...
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    Map sensor

    That's not a 3 bar I would send out with a kit. Not original either. If the factory boost gauge reads accurate then its a 2bar, as a 3 bar would read 1 psi boost on the factory gauge at 7 psi boost. 3 bar map is 12223861
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    Alkycontrol tank leaks

    Complete 75
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    Alkycontrol tank leaks

    Get them while they're still available. Methanol is a solvent, good luck getting anything with glue to hold