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    Gnx style dash plate?

    does anyone know if anyone is still selling blank gnx style dash plates / templates ? I am looking for options for putting in gauges and can't find any. thanks
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    LSX radiator ?

    I ended up using a 87-92 Camaro Iroc aluminum radiator, was about 120$ new, and a set of used 99-02 ls1 dual fans.
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    Fuel pump / line limit

    I am looking to see the best set up for a twin turbo 6.0L LS fuel pump / line setup. I am running my setup on 6 psi and it made 480 wheel hp, and it was running out of fuel in 3rd gear. I currently have a hotwired single reds xp fuel pump and stock lines. What would be the best setup for...
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    Holley pro flo intake

    I ended up using Moroso Solid frame mounts, then using polyurethane mounts for the motor side, with adapter plates. There are quite a few options available now on G body frame mounts, you will have to take off the original 3.8L frame mounts and use a SBC mount if it came from the factory with a...
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    Holley pro flo intake

    The Edelbrock Pro Flo XT fit under my twin turbo 6.0 / 4L80e. It fit by about an inch, I am also running a stock style fiberglass hood , so if your hood is a stock metal hood you might have to cut out some bracing in it for it to fit.
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    An fitting fuel line adaptors

    I am in the process of turbo ls swap into my 87 GN and I was looking for AN adapters that go from the factory fuel lines at the frame rail to -AN fittings. Does anyone have a part number for an AN fitting / adaptor to the factory GN fuel line feed and return near the frame rail? I want to...
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    200r4 bracket

    need a bracket for a 200r4 coming off transmission.
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    I have one for sale $175 shipped, used but still works. I have hook ups for hard wiring the fuse box. thanks
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    Scanmaster , 50 lb injectors , gnx emblems

    Scanmaster 2.1 - $175 shipped . Was hardwired into fuse box comes with wires, used but still works fine. Set of 50 lb msd/delphi injectors - $175 shipped. No chip. GNX emblems - GM w/ orange tape. $75 each shipped. Have 3.
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    wtb: STOCK injectors good set

    would u take 50 shipped for the set without harness?
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    wtb: STOCK injectors good set

    still looking for an AFFORDABLE set of stock injectors that are all known good. I.e. not leaning out or haven't been in storage a long time. Also have a set of GOOD 50 # injectors $150 or can work a deal.
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    WTB set of STOCK injectors

    need a KNOWN good set of stock injectors. trying to diagnose a lean top end problem need a good set of 28/30 lb stock injectors. Please only reply if u know they are all good and/or have tuned w/ them and third gear and they are fine. thank u
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    50 lb injectors $175

    $175 shipped... ttt
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    Direct Scan $100 b/o

    direct scan sold
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    50 lb injectors $175

    good used set of 50 lb injectors for sale. $175 b/o