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    87 Grand National $15,000 Ocala, FL

    Car is sold. Thanks tot this forum
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    87 Grand National $15,000 Ocala, FL

    more pics 2
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    87 Grand National $15,000 Ocala, FL

    more pics
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    87 Grand National $15,000 Ocala, FL

    Car is loaded with T-Tops, cold AC, Power windows/locks (with keyless), Cruise, Tilt wheel, Posi… Engine rebuilt by Scottys Racing Engines in Spring Hill January 2014 Light build on the rebuilt engine includes: Turbonetics TE60, 60# injectors, LT1 MAF with translator, Dutt neck intercooler, Alky...
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    New Hot Air hood pad

    Its in an old TV box :cool:
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    New Hot Air hood pad

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    Would it be worth it to restore this '86?

    Ditto for selling it and investing in a driver that's been sorted. With the engine removed, no telling what parts are missing that could be potentially expensive to complete. This will get expensive and time consuming if you decide to proceed. Someone with expertise in these cars will buy it and...
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    Good 2004r builder in Central Florida?

    Kevin at KDK in Orlando 407-298-2706 has a guy he works with locally that rebuilds them to his specs. After 2 rebuilds by another shop, I let Kevin fix it 1 1/2 years ago and have had no problems since. For a nominal fee, they also R&R it so I didn't have to :)
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    Ebay SLIC replacement ... pics inside

    Thanks for the great write up. Do you know if there is any increase in power?
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    New Hot Air hood pad

    I have a new, never installed hot air hood pad. Will fit intercooled cars just not "correct" for those of you that are concerned about that sort of thing. Some minor flaws from 30+years of handling. $250 takes it and I won't ship but I do get around FL so maybe we can meet.
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    JUNK AC hose assembly

    Pm sent
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    Metco uppers & lowers, DLS ported intake

    Was the intake port matched to stock heads?
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    Shocks pulleys Gnx vents parts for sale!!!!

    Do the RPM and boost gauges work on the cluster?
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    Kirban's Open House 2018 VIDEO

    Thanks for shooting and posting