87 GN


New Ride - 9/2020 - '87 GN - Full cage/Suspension & Chassis upgrades, 109 Max Effort Stroker, TH400 w/brake, Ford 8.8, XFI, XIM, Boost Leash & Bump Pro, Chomping down C16 at an alarming rate!

Current Street Beater - 85 Regal Limited with 86/87 drivetrain -
Bison 6262, ATR External DP W/Tial , Hooker cat-back w/dump, Precision FMIC, SD2, PowerLogger, DW300 / Hotwire, 60lb injectors, 62mm TB, Alky Control w/Bison plate, Bison Tranny w/ Pat's 10" lock-up, 275/60-15 DR. Slowly spending too much on this project! Very fun incognito street car.

87 GN - owned since '94, been in pieces since '96! (Very) Slowly hoarding parts.



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