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My zip code is 94560 find out the shipping cost to you and I’m asking $20 my # 650-669-6030 n my PayPal is
Me and my son are die hard buick turbo guys and we race our cars test and tune i run low 9's and my son in the 8's. Precision makes great performing turbo's for the GN's also all our Mustang, Chevy, and import friends all use their turbo's.
I couldn't agree more. PTE has my vote
Nick, I saw a post of yours from several years ago so I'm not expecting a positive answer but here goes - Do you still have a TechLock solenoid lying around the basement? Mine just broke after 28 years. Thanks
Do you still do porting for TA aluminum heads? I’ve been reading some of the older posts here on the forum and it seems you were the guy to go to. Do you still port TA aluminum heads?
Yes, the car in the image is my car.

The rims are Centerline and were on the car when I got it . I can't find any more after looking.
Need your address as I'm going to let you do the rebuild/upgrade to my cam sensor. I'm going to go with the pro kit. Also what pay method do you prefer?

Jerry Turner
Thanks Mike, the wires coming off the speaker are black and red. Don't know why but the connector fits great..
do you have a ebay store? wanted to look at all your products?
This isn't everything I have, it's just what I've listed so far.

Take a look around and message me what you're looking at. Some of the stuff on there I have a little bit of room on. And if you're looking for a package deal, that's a great way to save on postage since Ebay nails me for 10% of postage (and 3% with paypal).
Apparently there was from a comment from another site. Im hoping its over. I felt like I was attacked so I responded accordingly
Well this T-type is very exceptional if I sell my Gnx I will be in touch thank you