LOW (0-3psi) BOOST (HELP, I'm new!)

    I have a low boost condition that I tried to correct by having the very sloppy stock turbo rebuild by a local reputable turbo/injector house. The still has low boost. I have adjusted the puck (it was a little loose), I cannot find any exhaust leaks or intake leaks. I have original cat...
  2. Cool Beans (Alex)

    Bogging/Sputtering confusion

    So recently my MAF acquired a hole causing a post MAF air leak causing the car to bog and sputter under acceleration. I bought a new 3.5 MAF with a translator. I also bought a new adjustable FPR (accufab), pressure set at 42 (vacuum line off). I have stock injectors and stock fuel pump, with a...
  3. N

    MAF Install Coming up short

    Started to install a new LS MAF in my '87. Had been running TinMan Air intake to the stock MAF and a hard tube to the turbo. When I put on the new adapters and new MAF I come up short. The Stock MAF is 5 1/4" long and the new LS is 3 3/4 long. The adapters are a different lengths also. I have...